2013 Week 14 NFL power rankings

Seahawks sit atop Week 14 NFL power rankings

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Dec 2, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) celebrates following a 34-7 Seattle victory against the New Orleans Saints at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY SportsSo those Seahawks are pretty good, huh?

It wasn't all that long ago that a Houston vs. Seattle Super Bowl prediction wouldn't have been crazy. Those days are long gone, and it isn't because of the best team in the NFC. Fans of the Seahawks might want to prepare themselves for a February trip to the New York City area.

2013 Week 14 NFL power rankings

32. Houston Texans (2-10): Memo to Antonio Smith: Nobody needs to cheat to beat the Texans right now. They're awful.

31. Cleveland Browns (4-8): The Browns are starting who at quarterback against the Patriots? No, seriously, who is the team starting at QB?

30. Washington Redskins (3-9): Yeah, yeah, the refs screwed up on Sunday night. The 'Skins are still lousy.

29. Buffalo Bills (4-8): That will teach me for believing in the Bills. Also, these Toronto games have to end.

28. Atlanta Falcons (3-9): Maybe the Falcons should just relocate up north. They would keep the dome advantage.

27. Green Bay Packers (5-6-1): Shut Aaron Rodgers down. There's nothing for you to win this holiday season, Green Bay. 

26. Minnesota Vikings (3-8-1): Break up the Vikes! No, really, break them up. A win doesn't change the fact that this team isn't all that good.

25. New York Jets (5-7): Remember when the Jets were real playoff contenders? Seems like seasons ago.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9): I'll say it: Are the Jags going to regret winning these games come next spring?

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9): Well that Tampa Bay revival ended in a big way. Let's see how they finish off the season after getting blown out.

22. Oakland Raiders (4-8): I'm a Penn State homer and thus a Matt McGloin fan. That said, it's awfully hard to win a game in the modern NFL when the QB doesn't throw a single touchdown.

21. San Diego Chargers (5-7): It has to be asked: Should the Chargers, far from super, consider dealing Philip Rivers while he has worth?

20. Tennessee Titans (5-7): You're not making a run when you're starting a backup quarterback. You're just not.

19. St. Louis Rams (5-7): Know what I said about the Titans? Works here, as well.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7): I respect all that Mike Tomlin has achieved. That doesn't take away from the fact that he deserves whatever punishment he gets after that Thursday night stunt.

17. Chicago Bears (6-6): Chicago should be embarrassed for not being at least tied for the division lead. The Bears have blown it.

16. New York Giants (5-7): They are still alive. It's highly unlikely, but the playoffs are technically still a possibility for Big Blue.

15. Miami Dolphins (6-6): The Dolphins aren't nearly as good as the Jets made them look. 6-6 is 6-6.

14. Baltimore Ravens (6-6): I have been low on Baltimore throughout the season. Still, the Ravens could be a dangerous playoff team if they earn a spot.

13. Detroit Lions (7-5): Detroit lit it up against an awful Green Bay team. Big whoop.

12. Kansas City Chiefs (9-3): You were all right. KC really isn't ready for prime time.

11. Arizona Cardinals (7-5): Three turnovers on the road. That's not how you get it done.

10. Indianapolis Colts (8-4): Some are wondering if something is wrong with Andrew Luck. Well, he is missing a few guys...

9. Philadelphia Eagles (7-5): The Eagles do not play complete games. That's why I don't trust them to win the division.

8. Dallas Cowboys (7-5): It's December. Let's see what you got, Tony Romo.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (8-4): I'm often harsh on the Bengals, but I have no problem giving them some love when they earn it. The Cincy defense looked great in San Diego.

6. New Orleans Saints (9-3): New Orleans won't be the last team to get rolled in Seattle. Can't imagine anybody other than the Seahawks winning there.

5. San Francisco 49ers (8-4): Colin Kaepernick is in a slump; or is he?

4. Denver Broncos (10-2): Everybody is wondering what will happen when the weather turns cold. Peyton Manning is hoping for a heatwave.

3. New England Patriots (9-3): Tom Brady could go for 800 yards against the Browns on Sunday. Sadly, that might not be much of a sarcastic prediction.

2. Carolina Panthers (9-3): Carolina has the goods to win in Seattle. The defense of the Panthers is for real, and Cam Newton is playing like a champion QB.

1. Seattle Seahawks (11-1): Kings of all NFL power rankings, the Seahawks continue to enjoy the best home-field advantage in pro football.

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