2013 Week 15 NFL power rankings: NFC East

Eagles now favorites to win the NFC East

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Dec 8, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson (10) returns a punt return against the Detroit Lions during the fourth quarter action in the snow and blizzard at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY SportsThe NFC East is a division in turmoil. More than a few people are suggesting that the Washington Redskins are on the cusp of a complete coaching overhaul. There's no longer any doubt about the fact that the New York Giants won't be playing in January. It's December, and thus the Dallas Cowboys folded during a pivotal game.

Congrats, Philadelphia Eagles. Your playoff fate is in your hands. One team, by NFL rules, is going to win the division. It might as well be the unconvincing Eagles.

2013 Week 15 NFL power rankings: NFC East

31. Washington Redskins (3-10): The Redskins are no longer a disappointing side. Washington is a disaster. The front office and coaching staff are apparently reading different novels at this stage of the game, and Robert Griffin III isn't at all progressing.

The question has to be asked: What is the point in playing RG3 again in 2013? The season is over. He's not playing well. Why bother even entertaining the idea of risking a franchise quarterback for literally no reason?

22. New York Giants (5-8): Teams have losing seasons. It happens. Last Sunday wasn't just about being beaten for the Giants. They didn't show up against the San Diego Chargers, and that is inexcusable for a team coached by Tom Coughlin.

Big Blue is in an unfamiliar spot in that there are three games left on the schedule, and yet the playoffs are unattainable. New York's Super Bowl will be this weekend when the team hosts the Seattle Seahawks. Will the Giants actually get up for this contest?

I'm not at all sold on that happening after what went down in San Diego over the weekend.

15. Dallas Cowboys (7-6): I found myself defending Dallas to doubters who were, throughout last week, bringing up the fact that the holiday season is often unkind to the Cowboys. Then I watched the team get blown out on Monday Night Football. Some may want to point out just how bitter cold it was in Chicago during that contest.

It's probably not going to be warm and sunny in Seattle come January.

You can't put what happened last night on Tony Romo. The defense of the 'Boys has way more holes than I believed 24 hours ago. A home game against the Green Bay Packers looks a bit more scary, especially if Aaron Rodgers is set to make a return.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (8-5): A massive snowstorm and the Detroit Lions kept the Eagles off the scoreboard for an entire half, and Philadelphia entered the fourth quarter down 14-6. Then came the final frame, during which Philly outscored Detroit 28-6. The Eagles now sit atop the division standings, and they have two very winnable games ahead.

Adrian Peterson should sit on Sunday, and thus the Minnesota Vikings shouldn't be too much of a challenge for Philadelphia. Chicago is a tough opponent, but the Bears only have two road wins in 2013. That Week 17 showdown with the Cowboys at Dallas could prove to be a playoff contest for both teams.

The NFC East will, minus multiple teams suffering what would be shocking collapses, be responsible for a single postseason club. I can't imagine either Philadelphia or Dallas making a run next month. Doing so would, in such a hypothetical situation, involve one of those sides winning at either Seattle or New Orleans; or at both.

I suppose that stranger things have happened.

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