2013 Week 3 NFL picks, predictions

Straight up Week 3 NFL picks

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Sep 15, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA;  Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) and Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10)meet at the field after the game at Lambeau Field. The Packers beat the Redskins 38-20. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY SportsI'm not going to dodge the issue. I'll come right out and say it. My Week 2 NFL picks stunk. I picked the wrong upset, I fell for the video game nature of the Philadelphia offense, and I ignored how poor the Giants played in Week 1. Week 3 gives me a chance for some real redemption, but it starts with a contest that has me conflicted.

2013 Week 3 NFL picks: Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid returning to Philadelphia is stealing headlines heading into Thursday, but don't let the fact that Kansas City is 2-0 get lost in the shuffle. KC's defense played very well in Weeks 1 and 2, but they didn't face an offense like that of the Eagles in either contest. I'd like the Chiefs more had the Eagles not already been humbled at home, choking away a lead against San Diego last weekend. I also don't trust that Alex Smith won't turn the ball over in front of maybe football's most hostile crowd, even when playing against a lackluster secondary.

Winner: Eagles

2013 Week 3 NFL picks: Cleveland Browns at Minnesota Vikings

Neither Brian Hoyer nor the return of Josh Gordon fixes the Cleveland offensive line, nor do they give the Browns a real starting running back now that Trent Richardson is playing for Indianapolis.

Winner: Vikings

2013 Week 3 NFL picks: New York Giants at Carolina Panthers

Both teams burned me in Week 2. Maybe I am just blinded by my Big Blue loyalty, but I remain convinced that the Giants have not been awful in their losses. Carolina has also found ways to throw winnable games away, but they've been less spectacular than have New York in the process. The Panthers struggling in the first half of the season is nothing new. Neither is Cam Newton failing to win close contests.

Winner: Giants

2013 Week 3 NFL picks: Green Bay Packers at Cincinnati Bengals

The Packers have, at 1-1, been arguably the most impressive team in the NFC. They nearly won at San Fran, and Aaron Rodgers was close to flawless in lighting up the Washington Redskins. I haven't been as impressed with the Bengals, who couldn't close out the Bears in Week 1 and who managed to take care of business against a Steelers team that, to put it bluntly, stinks.

Winner: Packers

2013 Week 3 NFL picks: St. Louis Rams at Dallas Cowboys

Dallas has been awfully mediocre in the team's first two games of the campaign. The 'Boys would be 0-2 if the Giants had managed to hold onto the ball on opening Sunday night. Fantasy owners who have St. Louis QB Sam Bradford have to love that he is about to face a defense that is allowing three touchdowns through the air per game. All of that aside, the defense of the Rams has been too inconsistent. This one will be close, but the Cowboys get back to above .500.

Winner: Cowboys

2013 Week 3 NFL picks: San Diego Chargers at Tennessee Titans

Two teams coming off of two very different results. It's hard to believe in the Titans due to that victory at Pittsburgh not meaning a whole lot, not to mention the way that Tennessee choked the game at Houston away last weekend. Matt Schaub put up nearly 300 yards on the Titans. Philip Rivers has been shockingly good in September, and there's no reason to believe his arm is tiring out just yet.

Winner: Chargers

2013 Week 3 NFL picks: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New England Patriots

Gronk or no Gronk, the Patriots shouldn't need him this weekend. Tom Brady will be just fine so long as he doesn't have to worry about a monsoon. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, seems to be in turmoil both on and off the field.

Winner: Patriots

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Picks are not bad....Big Blue Loyalty ? You already know !! And BTW That Redskins prediction is right on point.