2014 NFL Draft picks already added to 'Madden 25'

First Look: New NFL Draft picks already added to 'Madden 25' video game

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Blog Photo - 2014 NFL Draft picks already added to 'Madden 25'Here's our first look at Johnny Manziel playing quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, courtesy EA Sports' updated football simulation game "Madden 25". (You can also see a picture of Manziel handing off to Ben Tate.) You can see every player picked in Thursday night's first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, already playing for their new NFL team, because the "Madden 25" video game has just released an online update adding each of these players to their respective new NFL squads.

Here's Jadeveon Clowney as a Houston Texan, and here he is again sacking Andrew Luck. Here's Blake Bortles playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sammy Watkins catching passes for Buffalo and Khalil Mack furiously linebacking for the Raiders.

And for good measure, "Madden 25" already has Stevie Johnson with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers traded a conditional mid-round pick for the Buffalo Bills receiver at about 3 p.m. ET Friday afternoon.

You can see all the 2014 first-round draft picks in "Madden 25" on the the Good Game Bro Facebook page. Good Game Bro is a blog  for those obsessed with sports simulation video games, and they've been playing the updated "Madden" like mad just to get these beautifully exhilarating snapshots of the draft picks with their new teams.

Blog Photo - 2014 NFL Draft picks already added to 'Madden 25'For additional good measure, the Good Game Bro bros have also made several 6-second Vine videos of the new guys making plays for their teams. There's Teddy Bridgewater scoring on a quarterback sneak, Jadeveon Clowney celebrating a sack, and Johnny Manziel throwing a touchdown and then doing that 'arms up in the air' thing for which he is known.

You don't automatically get all these newly drafted players if you own a copy of "Madden 25". You have to be playing in something called Madden Ultimate Team mode, and you need to purchase packs of virtual cards ($1.50 apiece) in order to acquire the newly drafted players.

I don't play "Madden", so I don't understand any of this Ultimate Team virtual card stuff. All I know is that I get an adrenaline rush from seeing those freshly drafted players appearing in the uniforms of their new NFL teams, and I will sit and stare at those pictures for about two solid hours this weekend. Even if it is just a video game that I've never played.

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