2014 NFL Draft postponed to mid-May
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NFL stupidly moving the 2014 draft back two weeks to mid-May

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Blog Photo - 2014 NFL Draft postponed to mid-MayNFL diehards who hate life between that desolate no-football period after the Super Bowl and before the NFL Draft will hate life a little harder in 2014. It's official -- the NFL is moving the 2014 NFL Draft back by two weeks because of a scheduling conflict at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Because apparently New York City is a tiny little burgh with a limited number of available event venues?

The 2014 NFL Draft will be held May 8-10, and will still be conducted at Radio City Music Hall. The date does not conflict with the 2014 Kentucky  Derby, should you care, as the 2014 Derby will be run on May 3.

Yet it is odd that the 2014 NFL Draft is moved back two weeks from late April to early May. For now, this is just a 2014 thing. "No decision has been made regarding the dates of the NFL Draft in 2015 and beyond," the league said in a statement.

Blog Photo - 2014 NFL Draft postponed to mid-MayThe most outspoken critic of these NFL Draft date monkeyshines is sage Sports Illustrated beat writer Peter King. King laid out his grievances in a manifesto entitled "There's no good reason to move back draft; mail". He sees the so-called scheduling conflict as a bogus excuse. "Say what it is," King j'accuses, "three more weeks to hype the most ridiculously overhyped event on the NFL calendar. Three more weeks for spring-programming-starved NFL Network to be relevant. And less time for NFL coaches, GMs, scouts and coaching staffs to be human beings and have family lives."

What it is to me is just two more weeks of suck during the NFL offseason. But King's allegation that NFL Network ratings are motivating this move is a valid argument, to be sure.

A practicing Catholic could argue that the league is showing good taste in not scheduling the draft during Good Friday or Holy Week 2014. Except the league is running the NFL Combine during those holy days of obligation, so there goes that argument.

It's not as if there are no creative solutions to a booking conflict. Holding the draft in, say, recently tornado-ravaged Moore, OK or Oklahoma City would be tremendous gesture. Or NFL host cities could hold competing charity drives, with the biggest fundraiser getting the 2014 NFL Draft.

Moving the location of the NFL Draft could have been a giant public relations bonanza. In moving the date of the NFL Draft instead, the NFL is more interested in a meager basic cable TV ratings bonanza.
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