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31 Reasons to Love March

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Rejoice, it's finally March. It's probably just the product of my location in the fine city of Chicago where we have been mired in a horrible cold spell, but hasn't February altogether sucked? Well it's over, lets turn the page and look ahead to some of the innumerable reasons we love this month. 31 to be exact. If you know me well, you won't be stunned by Gus Johnson's appearance throughout.

1. It's not February.
2. Scores like Boston Red Sox 24, Boston College 0.
3. Having a "doctor's appointment" at 12:00 on Thursday, March 20th that lasts the rest of the day.
4. And another one Friday at ironically the same time.
5. Definition of multi-tasking at work becomes: the ability to balance researching for your fantasy baseball draft and filling out your brackets.
6. Gus Johnson.

7. "A tradition unlike any other, the Masters on CBS."
8. Trying to guess where the play-in game schools are located and missing by a mere 1,000 miles.
9. Tyus Edney.

10. Boasting about your team's big Spring Training win.
11. College Football's Spring Practice
12. St. Patrick's Day
13. Your girlfriend beating you in a bracket pool. No wait a minute, that sucks. Bad.
14. There isn't a BCS Championship Series.
15. Bryce Drew
18. Telling your friends that Spring Training doesn't matter at all after a bad loss.
19. Beautifully executed back door passes.

20. Watching your alma mater's offense torch the defense in Spring Practice and thinking that's a very good sign.
21. Your national championship team losing in the Second Round. You hate it, but really it's more fun to enjoy March with your bracket torn up.
22. The Baltimore Orioles already being eliminated from the playoffs.
23. ONIONS!!!
24. Timmy Kurkjian's voice starts breaking like a 13-year-old boy.
25. Deciding that St. Patrick's Day is technically St. Patrick's Week.
26. 12's over 5's
27. Collectively hating Duke.
28. Baseball Tonight starts and John Kruk's hair comes alive.
29. Bobby Knight is now a part of the media.
30. One Shining Moment. You tell your friends you think it's lame, but secretly you love it.
31. March 31st: MLB Opening Day
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3/2/08   |   RainMan   |   381 respect

#6 & #11, #27 is true

3/1/08   |   Beat_LA415

#5. Definition of multi-tasking in class becomes: the ability to balance taking notes, IMing friends, researching for your fantasy baseball draft, filling out your brackets, and checking the scores of your teams' spring training gamesall while making sure the professor doesn't walk up behind you and see what you are doing on your computer.

3/1/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Suck it February.

3/1/08   |   tpowell25   |   1627 respect

#5 is more like this for me:   the ability to balance researching for your fantasy baseball draft and filling out your brackets while stressfully trying squeeze in your FanIQ daily picks.