4 Reasons why the New York Mets are a struggling Franchise.

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The New York Mets have been a laughing stock ever since they entered the baseball world in 1962.  They started five of their first six seasons with 100 losses or more.  Not to mention the MLB record of 120 losses in 1962.  They have only won 4 pennants throughout their history and only won two of those world series.  Now you could make the lame argument that the Mets do have more championships than a solid amount of Major League teams but I can guarantee you that those teams don't play in the biggest city in the country and have the rich history that New York baseball is known for.  The Mets took the place for the absence of the Giants and Dodgers after they bolted for the west coast and have been the end of a lot of jokes ever since.  So lets talk about what their actual problems are. 

1. Management: Look I don't care what players the Wilpon's have brought through the past 20 years.  The fact that they have only made 3 Playoff appearances since 1989 is just downright pathetic.  If you are an owner of a franchise located in New York probably the best sports city in the world you need to build a contender to last for a decade and then have the necessary pieces to reload not rebuild. A perfect example of the Wilpon's incompetence is their claim to not knowing what happened when they invested a bunch of money in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme.  First off, how do you not know what was going on?  You are Billionaires! People just dont become billionaires without having some sort of intelligence.  Clearly its lacking here.  This cost the Mets to not be able to spend money on free agents to build up their team.  Setting the Mets back even more these past few years.  Not only did they have to take a couple of off seasons away from spending, the fact that they talked up a big game this off season saying that they were going to spend big mean while the only person they have signed has been Curtis Granderson and he only fills in one of the many holes that this Mets team already has. 

2. Free agent Signings: Again, the only free agent that the Mets got that really produced well this past decade would be future Hall of Famer Carlos Beltran.  Even he didn't fully live up to his potential due to various knee injuries preventing him from become an MVP winner.  So here goes the list of free agent signings the Mets have made that have been terrible.  Pedro Martinez (the level of expectation was too high and he wasn't healthy enough), Jason Bay, Oliver Perez, Francisco Rodriguez AKA K-Rod, Kelvim Escobar, Luis Castillo, and Duaner Sanchez.  The point is that I could list a lot more players but it would be too painful.  

3. Everyday Superstar:  Throughout the History of the New York Mets they have been known for the Pitchers they have produced through their farm system and not the everyday players.  Yes pitching is the most important thing in the postseason but pitching isn't always the reason as to why you get there.  Yes Matt Harvey is one of the best young pitchers in a while and Tom Seaver is considered by some to be the best starting pitcher ever considering the teams he played for.  But when you talk about the franchises that win a lot like the Yankees, Cardinals, Red Sox and Dodgers,  you think of players like Mantle, Jeter, Ruth, Gehrig, Williams, Pujols, Smith, Fisk, Dimaggio, Jackson, Snider, Robinson.  These guys play every single day and are more valuable than pitchers are to a certain extent.  But when you think of the Mets all you can say is Koosman, Seaver, Darling, Gooden, and other good pitchers.  The Mets have a short list of players that were awesome everyday players, but not at the level of the players I mentioned above.  Piazza had no help and played as a catcher which forced him to have a shorter career.  Keith Hernandez brought a championship but wasn't in New York his whole career.  David Wright is a really good player but he doesn't have that killer instinct to lead a team to a championship.  If the Mets can try to focus on finding the next great hitter opposed to a pitcher they can have success.  Besides pitchers aren't as hard to find nowadays it's all about finding one that one get hurt easily.  

4. Culture:   The majority of the time you hear about the Mets they are being talked about in a negative tone and being viewed negatively.  The best way to turn that around is doing the three things I discussed were problems in the first place.  A. New ownership is one, I want Mark Cuban to own the New York Mets the Man is a flat out winner and would do anything in order to succeed.  
B. Make the right signings, don't get a player just to get one.  Find one that fits your identity and one that you believe can produce in a city like New York. 
C. Find that guy that everyone knows and love.  Find a role model that kids would love to be a fan of so you have people to come to that beautiful ballpark out in Flushing, Queens.  That's easier said than done but it has happened before, so why can't the Mets do it?  I see no reason as to why they can't and the Mets should think and say that too.  

Hey Mets! The city of New York and the sport of baseball need you guys to become a top team again and stay that way for an extended period of time.  Build from within and add from outside than become what the Giants and Dodgers once were when they played in New York.  Chances are you won't change but if the WIlpons are looking at this please just do us a favor and sell the team.  Our fan base doesn't deserve this quality!
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