49ers’ Delanie Walker: “Our coach is cool”

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San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has the temper of a raging bull and may sometimes throw tantrums on the sidelines fit for a 13-year-old, but he’s still never handled his team roughly, according to Delanie Walker.
The San Francisco 49ers tight end Delanie Walker claimed that unlike his tough relationship with the game officials, Jim Harbaugh has never lost his temper with the team.
“No, not at all,” Deliane Walker responded to a question on whether the San Francisco 49ers have ever come face-to-face with the ever volatile volcano that is Jim Harbaugh. “He don’t yell, he doesn’t say anything to you. If you do something bad, he just looks at you. We respect that more than someone yelling at you.”
While Jim Harbaugh maintains his level of respect, Delaine Walker expressed that Harbaugh “acts more like a player than a coach” to level the field and keep the communication networks open with his players. Jim Harbaugh is certainly popular amongst the players, but not so much with the game officials, who’ve seen him frustratedly throw hands up in the air several times, as well as throw many bad-tempered kicks and chunk his headset to the ground.
But the San Francisco 49ers gain some kind of inspiration and motivation for improvement each time Jim Harbaugh loses his mind on the sidelines.
“Our coach is cool, We’re laid back, we don’t wear suits to the game. He wants for us to feel comfortable, feel good,” said Delanie Walker. “What you see on TV, when he’s yelling, that’s because he’s got a problem with the refs. We love when he does  that, makes us want to play even harder for him.”
In fact, after the San Francisco 49ers bought into Jim Harbaugh’s “never give up anything policy, Delanie Walker went as far as to assert that a bitchy drama queen-esque alter ego is a must have quality in coaches now days.
“He’ll be screaming and spitting when he yells at the refs,” said Delanie Walker, “and that’s what you need out of a coach.”
Whether Jim Harbaugh has another meltdown at the sidelines on Sunday or not, Delanie Walker is already aching for the Super Bowl to begin.
 “This is hardest part, talking to the media,” said Delaine. “Football is easy, don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing.”
With this rare opportunity, Delanie Walker will like to make some new Super Bowl memories, one’s he can now proudly state also include him.
 “All my memories of watching Super Bowls as a kid are now obsolete,” said Delaine Walker. “Because I am here now. My memories are going to be of me playing in the Super Bowl.”
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