49ers fans buy billboard to taunt Seahawks fans

49ers fans troll Seattle with a somewhat humorous taunting billboard

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Blog Photo - 49ers fans buy billboard to taunt Seahawks fansThe image to the side there depicts a billboard that San Francisco 49ers fans have paid to have erected near CenturyLink field in Seattle this week. The billboard depicts five Lombardi trophies in front of Dwight Clark making "The Catch" to win the NFC Championship in 1982, and taunts Seattle Seahawks fans with the phrase, "How many do you have?"

Yeah, you can tell it's a fan-designed billboard -- it shows the layout skills of a fifth-grader. Dwight Clark making "The Catch" is almost entirely concealed by the Lombardi trophies. If I had not just given the backstory of that image, could any person be reasonably expected to figure out its context?

Design fail aside, though, 49ers fans have bought a billboard to taunt Seattle fans as the two teams battle it out for the NFC West crown. (Seattle has clinched a playoff spot, and the 49ers are two games behind with two games left). The 49ers fans have exceeded their goal of raising $7000 to pay for the billboard, and say they'll donate the additional $1,300+ to the Seattle Children's Hospital.

Blog Photo - 49ers fans buy billboard to taunt Seahawks fansThe stunt is in response to a December 8 stunt by Seahawks fans wherein they paid for a "Go Hawks 12" banner to be flown via airplane over Candlestick Park during that day's 49ers-Seahawks tilt.

The 49ers, as you perhaps realize, possess five championships in the Super Bowl era. The Seahawks, founded in 1976, have not won any championships in their existence.

So 49ers fans really got the Seahawks good here, right? After all, San Francisco has five Lombardi trophies!
Technically, no. San Francisco does not have any Lombardi trophies. Those trophies are kept in Santa Clara, 40 miles south of San Francisco, the location of 49ers headquarters and the 49ers' new permanent home next season.

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Have to say its cool they are donating the extra money to Seattle charity. That's pretty thoughtful.

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I hope the billboard just serves as extra fire for the players. Can't say the 12th Man didn't deserve this...the pranks are reminiscent of my HS rivalry. I do like that the extra $ is going to SCH though.