49ers selling the seats from Candlestick Park

49ers selling the seats from Candlestick Park for $749 a pair

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Blog Photo - 49ers selling the seats from  Candlestick ParkThe San Francisco 49ers play their last home game ever at Candlestick Park on Monday night, December 23. After that, the stadium gets torn down and an $8 billion concert hall, housing and shopping district is slated to go up in its place. But the city of San Francisco still figures to pump a few more greasy dollars out of 49ers fans even after the team leaves. They're selling seats from the old Candlestick Park, for the price of $749 for a pair of seats.

You people will throw lettuce and tomatoes at me for saying this -- but $749 for a pair of seats is actually a pretty sweet deal. The old Yankee Stadium seats went for $1200 - $1600. And these things can earn you a pretty handsome resale profit on eBay.

So San Francisco fans might want to consider that the 49ers are selling the seats from Candlestick Park for $749 a pair. The proceeds go to the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department youth programs. According to a mailing, season ticket holders can purchase their specific seats.

Blog Photo - 49ers selling the seats from  Candlestick ParkIt's one of the many ways that the 49ers are monetizing nostalgia for this stadium they cannot wait to get the hell out of.

Candlestick Park has been the 49ers' home since 1971, and also served as the home for MLB's San Francisco Giants from 1960-2000. You saw The Stick make cameo appearances in the 2011 Matt Damon thriller "Contagion" and the 1974 corrupt cop comedy "Freebie and the Bean". There was kind of a historic earthquake moment at Candlestick during the 1989 World Series.

There were more Monday Night Football games at Candlestick than any other NFL stadium. One of memorable Monday night game in 2011 had a power outage during the game.

These aren't the cheapest stadium seats out there. Back in 2007, the Detroit Tigers sold their seats for $279 a pair. In 2006,the Cardinals sold seats from the old Busch Stadium for roughly the same price.

All of these seats have gone up in value on the resale market.
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Hell, after the '89 earthquake I might even want them damn seats!