5 Adjustments that the Heat Must Make

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Blog Photo - 5 Adjustments that the Heat Must Make

1.  LeBron Must Guard Durant
What happened to the best players guarding the other team’s best players?  Especially if they play the same position?  LeBron has the length and athleticism to guard Durant.  The Heat must make the Thunder role players beat them, not Durant and Westbrook.
2.  Attack KD
The best way of containing Durant on offense is by going at him on offense.   In the 1st quarter, LeBron took KD to the post and drew an early foul on him.  In fact, he did it one other time in the 1st quarter, but the foul wasn’t called.  Had KD gotten his second foul in the 1st quarter, the outcome of this game would’ve been very different.
3.  Start Chris Bosh
Bosh may not be 100%, but he’s close enough.  The next game will be his fourth game back since his injury and by now, he should be ready to play more than the 34 minutes he played tonight.  Bosh has to play closer to 40 minutes.  What's the point of saving him?  It's all or nothing right now.  Furthermore, Bosh can help spread the floor by getting Perkins and Ibaka to the perimeter, just like Battier, but he can help guard Perkins instead of LeBron.
4.  Stop Settling for 3’s in the Second Half
The Heat were on fire from downtown in the 1st half, but they couldn’t throw it in the ocean in the second.  That happened for a reason.  The Thunder tightened up their defense and figured out how to close out on their shooters.  LeBron and Wade have to be aggressive and attack the rim in the 2nd half.
5.  Get Wade Involved Early
Dwyane Wade doesn’t look healthy, but he’s still Dwyane Wade.  The best way of getting Wade into the flow of the game is by getting him involved early.  LeBron is going to get his, Wade needs a bit more help if he’s not feeling it. 

After the game Dwyane Wade said, “This first game, as in every series, is just a game to see.  Now we make the adjustments and we try to split.  We’ll be more comfortable in Game 2.”  Bosh added that, “We’re going to look at the film.  It’s probably going to be pretty ugly.  But that’s all a part of getting better.”
The Thunder proved that they were able to make the necessary adjustments when the fell 0-2 to the Spurs, now the Heat must do the same.
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6/14/12   |   heelfan811   |   16296 respect

derms33 wrote:
Why in the f*ck is LeBron NOT guarding Durant?  Put Wade on Westbrook and that waste Bosh needs to quit shooting 3's.  Coach S is a fool.  Pat Riley may jump in there by game 2!

"Pat Riley may jump in there by game 2!"...I love that line...Hahaha!!  Win or lose, I think the Heat needs a veteran coach to turn this Heat squad into a dynasty....(i.e. Jerry Sloan or Phil Jackson)

6/14/12   |   heelfan811   |   16296 respect

These are some accurate adjustments because you can not allow OKC to get comfortable with forcing jump shots and being able to move their offense in transition all night...they are too skilled, athletic and disciplined for a team to let them off the hook like that...the Heat also would benefit from playing with a sense of urgency (like they did in game 6 in Boston)...all business!!  If OKC goes up 2-0, they might not lose anymore this season...C'mon HEAT!!

6/13/12   |   sally3224   |   8 respect

i think some of the adjustments make sense

6/13/12   |   beerstudk   |   1538 respect

I disagree about putting LeBron on Durant.  I would put Battier on him, LeBron on Westbrook and Wade on Hardin when he's in.  Let Durant get his points, but shut down everybody else.

The only other adjustment I'd make is to tell LeBron and D-Wade to "GET THE BALL TO THE F##KING HOOP AND STOP SHOOTING STUPID F##KING JUMPSHOTS!!!"  But I do like the idea of taking Durant on the block.

6/13/12   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

Why in the f*ck is LeBron NOT guarding Durant?  Put Wade on Westbrook and that waste Bosh needs to quit shooting 3's.  Coach S is a fool.  Pat Riley may jump in there by game 2!