5 Questions From Week 2 in the NFL

5 Questions That Need Answers:NFL Week 2 Wrap-Up

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The second weekend of NFL football is in the books, and what a wild one it was. We had upsets, game winning drives, missed field goals and dumb penalties to ruin a game. It’s too early to start overacting to anything we just witnessed but let’s overreact anyway. Let’s try and answer 5 of the most pressing question from week two.

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Robert Kraft was just as shocked as the rest of us by the Patriot's home opening loss to Arizona.

Did the Patriots really just lose at home to the Arizona Cardinals?
There were so many shocking things about the Patriots loss that I don’t even know where to begin. I could start with the fact that the Patriots offense could only mange 18 points even though Brady threw for over 300 yards? Or how about the fact that the Patriot’s supposedly improved defense gave up 20 points to the Kevin Kolb, who throw for a touchdown and ran one in? Maybe the missed field goal was the most shocking thing? You did see the fantastic look of shock on owner Robert Krafts face?
Taking everything into account, the most shocking thing was the Patriots lack of aggression at the end of the game, by deciding to take the conservative route and kick the field goal. What was Belichick thinking? He never takes the conservative route! The Patriots had the ball at the Arizona 30 yard line with about a minute left in the game, and what do they do on second and third down? They center the football and then have Brady spike it, instead of taking a shot at the endzone. That’s exactly what they get for playing it safe—especially when, over in New York with the ball game tied, Eli Manning was leading his team to the game winning touchdown.
Speaking of Eli, is he now the safest bet to score at the end of the game?
Eli played horrible for most of that game, but with everything on the line and the game tied at 34-34 I had no doubt that he would lead the Giants to a victory. Sometimes sports come down to a simple gut check, and I bet every fan in the stadium had full confidence that Eli would lead that game winning drive. In contrast, I wasn’t completely sure that Brady could get the Patriots to score during the final minute of the game. I thought he would but I wasn’t as confident as I was with Eli, and maybe Belichick felt the same way because he had no hesitation with kicking that field goal instead of going for a TD.
And to take another QB from the opposite end of the spectrum, when the Eagles were driving into Baltimore territory trailing 23-17, I had no reason to believe that they would win the game. I can’t speak for every Eagles fan, but I am positive most of them were expecting Michael Vick to throw a game ending interception somewhere along the way-- I know I was.
Taking only these first two games into account, here is my list of the top 5 QB's I would want to lead a game winning drive with my life on the line.

5) Cam Newton
3) Alex Smith
2) Peyton Manning
1) Eli Manning
Yes I know this is a weird list and that none of these QB’s with the exception of Eli was considered top 10 coming into the season, but there is a changing of the guard at the quarterback position.

Sep 16, 2012; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush (22) carries the ball on a 23-yard touchdown run against the Oakland Raiders at Sun Life Stadium. The Dolphins defeated the Raiders 35-13. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE
Reggie Bush had a fantastic game against the Raiders, but is he now a premier RB in the NFL?

Did Dallas just lose all their momentum from week one?
This was really a disappointing loss for the Cowboys. Yes, it was on the road against a decent team, but this was Dallas’ chance to make a statement and prove that this year was going to be different. If there is one word to describe the Cowboys over the last few years it would be ‘inconsistent’. When ever they manage to get a big win, they simply give it away the next week. Dallas has a tough schedule and throwing away wins by not showing up will come back to haunt them.
How much trouble are the Saints really in?
By the look of their schedule, a lot? The Saints play two of their next three games at home, but they are against the Chiefs, Green Bay and San Diego. New Orleans could conceivable go 1-4 to start the season. And things don’t get any easier; over the course of the season they play Denver, Philadelphia, Atlanta twice, San Francisco, the Giants, Dallas and Carolina again.
Not having Head Coach Sean Peyton has really affected this team-- especially Drew Brees who just looks out of sync. If they do not figure things out quickly they could be looking at a 6 win season, which was unthinkable a few months ago.
Did Reggie Bush just become a premier NFL running back?

Reggie Bush had a career day against the Raiders, with 26 carries, 172 yards, two touchdowns and a 65 yard run. The question on everyone’s mind is: has Reggie Bush finally figurd out how to be an effective running back in the NFL?
I am not ready to give Bush the stamp of approval just yet, but he has made some changes to the way he runs that may lead to his success as an every down back. Bush has become more of a physical player, and while he may never be Adrian Peterson, he is more comfortable with taking hits during games. One of Bush’s issues was that he would constantly run side line to side line instead of running straight forward. Many of his runs would result in negative yards and were extremely telegraphed and easy to defend. Now that Bush has taken more to barreling down the middle of the field, it opens him up to make those fantastic runs that he is capable of.
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