5 Ways for the fantasy owner to properly overreact to the season opener

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Blog Photo - 5 Ways for the fantasy owner to properly overreact to the season opener

1. Trade Victor Cruz, quick, while he's still a big name! Victor Cruz, the man whose 99-yard touchdown against the Jets sparked the Giants' Superbowl run last year, was the culprit on 3 dropped passes last night. Haul just one of those in, scurry for a handful of YACs, and it could be an entirely different game. For shame, Victor Cruz, your 5-point performance just ain't gonna cut it.

2. Start your backup QB over Eli Manning next week. Eli and his receivers were just plain out-of-sync last night. In typical Giant fashion this team will be working off the rust for the better part of the season before making a real run at the playoffs, so why should your fantasy team suffer?  Who's your backup? Flacco? Dalton? Josh Freeman?! Even better! Freeman is fortunate enough to face the Giants D next week, which brings me to my next point...

3. Drop the Giants D! They gave up a net-total of 433 total yards last night, 290 by air and 143 by ground. Why did you draft a defense anyways? Just spend your season picking up whoever plays the NFC West-- now that's how it's done. Oh, and while we're dropping things, throw David Wilson in there. A fumbling rookie is going to see limited playing time. There's a bonus for ya.

4. All hail Tony Romo. 307 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 23 standard fantasy points on the road against a division rival. Try putting together a trade package for him now, while his fantasy owner still believes this may have been a fluke. If you don't believe this is the year of the Romo, consider this-- he was the last man to date Jessica Simpson before the baby weight started coming on. 

5. O-g-l-e-t-r-e-e. This entire article was just a diversion. While you've been reading, I've been picking up this Ogletree fellow across every league in America. 114 yards, 2 touchdowns, 23 standard fantasy points. As defenses hone in on Bryant and Miles, the ball's going to continute to come Ogletree's way, just as it did for Laurent Robinson last year. Bleacher Report asks the question, is Ogletree this year's Victor Cruz? Before even considering this question, put in a waiver claim for this man. Then we can debate. 

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