5 players Milan should look to purchase in the Summer Transfer Window.

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AC Milan recently sacked manager Max Allegri after 3 and a half years at the helm after a disgraceful loss to newly promoted Sassuolo.  The day after the loss Allegri was sacked and it was confirmed that former superstar Dutch playmaker and former Rossoneri himself Clarence Seedorf would take over the job immediately.  This also saw two moves immediately take place with Alessandro Matri being shipped out on loan to Fiorentina and starlet Andrea Petagna was recalled from Sampdoria where he was on loan as well.  With a new Manager in soccer you usually want to build a team the way you want it.  So Clarence is going to have to make a few moves and preferably in the summer market when Milan can start fresh and not have to worry about cup ties and such.  Here are five players that I think Milan should make a push for and some players that Seedorf is already pushing for.  

1. Fernando Reges: FC Porto CDM 26 Years Old A.K.A "Fernando"
Market Value: 17.5 Million Euros
What it would cost: 6-8 Million Euros.  Highly respected twitter account @Milanello had reported that porto resigned Fernando this week so that when he leaves in June they wouldn't lose him for free on a Bosman Transfer. (Free transfer for those of you who don't know)
Report: Fernando is an absolute beast on and off the ball.  He is physically imposing and can body pretty much any in the world off the ball.  This would be Huge for Milan's Midfield and Defense because they are clearly lacking in size, athleticism, and quality in both.  Fernando would help protect the back line and help make some plays in the midfield as well.  He would really prove to be a good for fit for Milan. 

2. Adam Maher: PSV CM 20 Years Old 
Market Value: 9 Million Euros
What it would cost: Seeing as Maher is an up and coming talent in the Holland and being so young it could cost Milan a little bit more than his value.  I see them putting in a possible bid around 10-12 Million on him and adding another much needed playmaker to the midfield.  
Report: Adam Maher is a fantastic talent and it's even more important that he is Dutch.  Seeing as Seedorf has a strong connection with his homeland this could draw Maher over to Milan and learn underneath him.  Maher has fantastic vision for a player of his age.  He played pretty well against Milan in the Champions League Knockout round this past summer and has proven that he can play with top players already.  He has a very nice dribbling technique to go along with his plus speed allowing him to get past players and set up teammates.  He still needs to work on his shooting but the future is so bright on this kid it would be a big mistake to not pounce on him soon.  

3. Doria: Botafogo CB 19 Years Old
Market Value: 6 Million Euros
What it would cost: Doria isn't a name that has been talked about a lot amongst the big clubs in Europe which is a huge plus for Milan and seeing that he was a teammate of Seedorf's just before he left to take the job at Milan makes this even more possible.  This could and should only cost Milan around 6 Million at his current value and man would that be another huge steal for them.  
Report: Man talk about your new age central defender.  This kid is a ridiculous physical specimen and has enormous potential.  He was taken under Seedorf's in Botafogo where he learned a lot from Il Professore.  This kid has a chance to play with the big boys one day and do it at a high level.  There is no better place in the world than Milan to go learn how to defend considering their rich history at the back line.  He would fill another hole and possibly form a strong bond with another starlet Jherson Vergara.  These two kids can form a top partnership if used and coached correctly. Considering that Doria played with Seedorf this really makes the move more likely and another potential strong one for Milan.  More importantly a cheaper one.  

4. Mattia Perin: Genoa GK 21 years old
Market Value: 8 Million 
What it would cost: Again this is going off of @Milanello's report in that it would only actually cost Milan around 6 Million for the very talented Keeper.  
Report: To compete with the top clubs in Europe you need a top keeper and Perin has the chance to be just that.  Perin has world class reflexes and has already been dubbed as successor for legendary keeper Gi Gi Buffon by another legendary keeper by the name of Dino Zoff.  The great connection between Milan and Genoa is a huge component and the fact that Milan need a Keeper to replace the aging Christian Abbiati it would be Ideal for Milan to pounce on him.  Perin ultimately has what it takes to be a world class goalie for Milan and the National Team.  The rest is up to him and who coaches him next, and its not bad that he's been rated as the top keeper in Serie A so far this season.  

5. Davide Santon: NewCastle United RB 22 Years Old
Market Value: 10 Million 
What it would cost: The market isn't too hot for Santon currently and shouldn't cost Milan all that much.  They could land him hopefully around 8 or 9 Million.  
Report: Santon is a highly touted fullback who had previously played for Inter back in their glory days.  There are plenty of rumors that speedy fullback Ignazio Abate could possibly bolt Milan at the end of his contract.  This opens up the right side where Mattia De Sciglio can continue playing as the starting left back.  Santon doesn't posses much pace but he is an intelligent player who doesn't usually force any plays and could be used to push forward on counter attacks.  This is the least likely move out of all of the five but it could possibly happen depending on what happens with Abate. 

Those are my 5 players that Milan should look to purchase this summer.  Look for Milan to possibly make some even bigger moves because Owner Silvio Berlusconi loves taking care of the coaches that he chooses like Arrigo Sacchi.  Hopefully Milan can come back to a winning side next season and get back to UCL contention.  Let me know who Milan should look to buy!

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