50 Greatest Players of All Time

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      Before we start let me clarify that when I say great, I mean which players are the most valuable to a team. I also know there will be A LOT of disagreement. It is very hard to put something out like this without explaining everything. So if you have a disagreement please comment so I can explain. I also recommend getting the book, Who’s Better, Who’s Best in Basketball by Elliot Kalb. That book will do a lot of explaining. You might also see that a lot of players who play today are not in the list. This is because they are too young to be judged. An example would be Kevin Durant. So without further or do I present you with,
The 50 Greatest Players of All Time.
By @CJ_H_12

1. Michael Jordan
2. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
3. Bill Russell
4. Larry Bird
5. Magic Johnson
6. Wilt Chamberlain
7. Shaquille O’Neal
8. Lebron James
9. Oscar Robertson
10. Hakeem Olajuwon
11. Kobe Bryant
12. Elgin Baylor
13. Tim Duncan
14. Jerry West
15. Bob Cousy
16. Karl Malone
17. Julius Erving
18. Moses Malone
19. David Robinson
20. Rick Barry
21. John Havlicek
22. Charles Barkley
23. Isiah Thomas
24. George Gervin
25. Dennis Rodman
26. John Stockton
27. Patrick Ewing
28. Scottie Pippen
29. Dwyane Wade
30. Dave Cowens
31. Kevin Garnett
32. Willis Reed
33. Walt Frazier
34. Kevin McHale
35. Dirk Nowitzki
36. Bob McAdoo
37. Jason Kidd
38. Gary Payton
39. Bob Pettit
40. Paul Pierce
41. Billy Cunningham
42. Tiny Archibald
43. Reggie Miller
44. Ray Allen
45. Pete Maravich
46. Dominique Wilkins
47. Clyde Drexler
48. Dave Debusschere
49. George Mikan
50. Steve Nash
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