78-Year-Old Blind Man from Iowa Bowls Perfect Game

An old guy that can beat you in bolwing (and he's blind!)

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They say that the reason we watch the Little League World Series is because it reminds us why we love sports. They say the reason that Jason McElwain won the ESPY for "Best Sports Moment" is because he reminded us all why we love sports. We love sports because of the stories, and not necessarily because of the scores. We can live if our team loses year after year, if only we are occasionally taken back to the time when we were younger and didn't know about steroids, too much pine tar, technical fouls, and Spygate scandals.

There are always stories, and I have yet another for you today. I heard on Mike & Mike in the Morning that 78-year-old Dale Davis, who is legally blind, bowled a perfect game. Davis, who hails from Alta, Iowa, says that this is his first perfect game in over sixty years on the lanes, and it's also the first 300 rolled at Century Lanes.

I'm an 18-year-old perfectly healthy teenager, and I'm lucky to roll 100 in a game. Mr. Davis bowls in not only one, but two, leagues each and every week. I know that this story will come and go, and most likely it won't get much attention. Without guys like Rick Reilly out there, these stories are going to be fewer and further in between (why do you think he's so popular?). If you need a reason to want to make it through the day, no matter how difficult the road may seem, then look below at Dale Davis, who can provide a little inspiration for us all. Have a good day everyone.

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5/8/08   |   jakekurtz50

Here is the story about Dale Davis from the Storm Lake Times. http://stormlake.com/topstory.htm