​Key saves by Hurricanes goaltender Cam Ward wins them over the Winnipeg 3-2

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Like any player who has been critical for his team’s win, Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Cam Ward could not help but smile as he recalled how he had made those critical saves in the match against the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday. The match was a close one but the Hurricanes didn’t give in and eventually won the match 3-2, much due to the goaltending of Ward.
Jets Bryan Little attempted 2 goals at the Hurricanes, both of which were saved by Ward during the first period. Ward said that it was actually enjoyable to be in that tension as it amplified the levels of excitement and it felt like the old young days of playing on the ice again.
"It was a fun save. The initial shot was in a position where I knew I was going to have to kick out a bit of a rebound,” said Ward. “Just out of pure desperation, I threw my stick out there and made a save that brings you back to the ol' street hockey days as a kid.”
Ward added that Little eventually did make a goal against him in the third period so that should have given him something to gloat about.
"But Little, I think he got even with me scoring that second goal in the third period so it all evens out."
Ward played so well that even Winnipeg head coach Paul Maurice commended him for his gameplay, saying that the way he handled himself on the ice made him the best player of the match. Maurice had previously coached the Hurricanes for 11 seasons so is well acquainted with them. He said that Ward had his own unique story and that alone made him an exceptional player.
"Cam Ward was the story of this hockey game," Maurice said. "He was the best player on the ice."
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