​Predators Zotto facing shrinking ice time

3/23/14 in NHL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

It’s a challenging thing for a player to witness when he is being phased out due to one reason or the other and that is what Nashville Predators Michael Del Zotto is facing right now. With ever shrinking time on the ice, Zotto is being sent for less and less duration.
After the Predators won against the Calgary Flames on Friday 6-5, Predators head coach Barry Trotz didn’t spend time to talk on the issue of giving his player lesser time in the game and that is an issue which is troublesome to talk about as it always strains the relationship between a player and a coach further.
Zotto just got 3:13 on the ice and even though he had a major and pretty classy assist, the coach chose not to let him linger for long.
Trotz did explain why he made that decision, saying that it was a problem to accommodate him in the rotation with 7 defensemen and he acknowledged that the assist he made was beautiful.
"With seven defensemen, it's hard on the rotation. He made a great play. I think he only played about five minutes,” Trotz said. “He made a really good play on the (Patric) Hornqvist goal. It's still difficult to get seven (defensemen) rolling through."
Zotto is a great player who definitely has the skillset to deserve more time on the ice, even if it means changing the plays as accommodating him in them would mean greater gameplay. He moves well on the ice, is fluids with his passes, knows his plays with the puck and when it comes to shooting, there are few who can do that with such accuracy and power combined. All this means he can be a great help to the team if he gets to be on the ice longer.
"It wasn't a big enough sample," Trotz said. "But the little sample he did play, he looked fine and got an assist, so give him credit for that."
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