​San Jose Sharks looking to halt historical repetition

3/23/14 in NHL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

The San Jose Sharks have one of the longest travel schedule in the entire NHL which spans close to 57,000 miles. With so much distance to travel, the team loses much valuable time on the move rather than on the ice where they can spend essential time practicing their game. It is a disadvantage definitely to be doing so much travelling as it wears out the players, leaves little room to recover strength after match and even lesser time to practice before a game.
So it would be a surprise to see that when they do manage to get a good day to practice their game they are absent from the ice. Today when they did get an opportunity to refresh their glides on the ice their head coach Todd McLellan instead chose not to practice. It might seem odd, but it is at the same time painfully obvious that for practice, the players need to be rested first and that is exactly what he chose for the players to enjoy today.
McLellan said that he had chosen for the team to rest themselves this day and would only implement a light workout to keep edge up.
“Today again we’re giving the players a bit of time to recover,” McLellan said. “An off-ice workout, which is real important to maintain the strength part of their game and to clean the legs out, then resting the minds and the on-ice part.”
McLellan added that they were in for the roughest part of their schedule and to endure that he wanted the players to be ready for what was coming their way.
“We’re right in the middle of maybe our toughest stretch of the season as far as fatigue, travel, amount of games,” McLellan. “We’ve got to get through this week and then we’ll find some time to breathe in early April and get ready for the playoffs.”
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