​Through the game Flyers coach Craig Berube kept the team strong with demeanour

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Between any team and a coach, the bond that is formed is a direct measure of how strong the team can play. The better the team plays the greater will be the bond formed and more successful the coach will be. The first thing that a player reacts to more than anything is the voice of his coach.
Philadelphia Flyers head coach Craig Berube isn’t just any other coach off the ice who coaches after retirement. A solid player in his old days, he has the honour of having 1,054 games as a player. Anyone looking to see how much of a game understanding a coach has looks at his time on the ice in his days and Berube wins instant respect for that.
Berube isn’t just a hard coach but back in his time on the ice was an equally skilled and relentless player, laying waste to the opponents. Wayne Simmonds said that he was never easy on the team but always supportive and praised them for their effort.
“You’d think he’d be going crazy, but he’s not. He’s pretty calm behind the bench and, I’ve said it, he lets you know where you stand and that’s the biggest thing. If you’re doing something wrong, he lets you know it,” Simmonds said. “If you’re doing something right, he comes up and talks to you and says to keep going and you’re doing a good job. That’s a big help.”
Simmonds added that Berube never took it easy on the team and he doesn’t just ask it out; he know what he wants. With his veteran time on the ice, he has full understanding of what he demands as he has been through all of that himself.
“He demands a lot from us and I think by watching him play, guys realize that he gave it every shift, whatever he did,” Simmonds said. “He went through the wall and everyone in here is willing to go through the wall for him. He’s just been awesome for us so far.”
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