9 Years Ago Today, We Lost Dale Earnhardt Sr

2/18/10 in NASCAR   |   AndiLee0388   |   1229 respect

Every year I do this, to remember the Black #3, who to me was the one of the best to have ever lived.

I find that I still tears up at some point during every race, and take joy when one of the announcers inevitably remembers some anecdote relating to The Man In Black, or just remembers him enough to mention him.

Please share here, some of your memories of Dale Earnhardt Sr, be they good or bad. He wasn't called The Intimidator for nothing. Love him, or hate him, you can never dismiss him. His loss brought race fans from everywhere together, his memories and love of racing, bring us together each year.
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2/20/10   |   cuddles127017   |   8133 respect

Saddest day in nascar.

2/18/10   |   mojo   |   4372 respect

it doesnt seem like its been that long. i still remember that day.  i was supposed to get together with a group of folks from church. i was a couple of minutes late because i had to see the finish.  When i got home my girlfriend at the time told me "that Earnhardt guy died in the crash." I thought she was joking. Still get a little choked up thinking about it sometimes.

2/18/10   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

I still remember the day like it was yesterday.  It isn't a memory that will fade soon, I'm sure.

2/18/10   |   simpletim19   |   35 respect

Good story thank you