93 MEGA MOCK MUNCH: Suh No. 1, McCoy No. 2

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The NFL Mock Draft Database weekly mock munch is complete.  We munched 93 updated mock drafts together to come up with the Top 9 pick leaders.   We munched together all Mock Drafts updated between 2/11/10 and 2/18/10, a total of 93 MOCKS!  This will give you the ultimate image of just what the Mocks drafts are projecting based on their gut, their analysis, their inside info, and their perception of each teams needs.  Of course, this will all change post free agency, which begins March 3rd, and NFL Combine, so stay tuned, bookmark the Database, and visit it often.  Our Mock Munched are updated and done each week, usually on Wednesday or Thursday.  Keep an eye out Via Twitter, via our Forums, or via our Brand News Mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

Here are the current Database Stats:

Total Mocks:  282 Mocks

Updated in February:   156 Mocks

BRIEF COMMENTARY:   We have been hearing alot about QB Sam Bradford going possibly No. 1 to the Rams.  Our mock draft are simply not buying that story as the number of DT Ndamukong Suh at No. 1 are remarkably stable from week to week.  This week is no different.  The No. 4 pick, the Washington Redskins, we are seeing a tightening between three specific players, QB Sam Bradford, QB Jimmy Clausen, and OT Russell Okung.  Bradford is now under 40%.  Finally, the Raider are, well, the Raiders, and mock drafts don't pretend to know what the heck Al Davis will do.  The leader for the Raiders only garners 13% of the 93 mocks. Seven of the top nine leaders have fallen in percentage.

STOCK UP: Jason-Pierre Paul is popping up more and more in the Top 9 picks.  Some mocks rae looking at the Raiders, but others even have him as high as No. 3.  OT Anthony Davis is the leader at No. 9, but also shoing up in Top 5.  Look for the Redskins pick to start showing more Davis.  The big question out there is --- is Russell Okung still the top OT in the draft or has Anthony Davis taken over?  Bryan Bulaga is starting to get mentioned in the top 9 more and more.

STOCK DOWN: Not seeing as much Bruce Campbell in the Top 9 anymore.  Two more who are mentioned less frequently are LB Rolando McClain and WR Dez Bryant.


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