A Cubs Player Receives World Series Ring

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It's not something you hear everyday - or even once in the last 100 years, but there's a first time for everything, right? The San Francisco Giants won their second World Series title in the last three years, but at the trade deadline they parted ways with one of their fan-favorite right fielders in Nate Schierholtz to acquire Hunter Pence on their way to a championship. 

Schierholtz went to Philadelphia to finish the season and is now set to begin his season with the Chicago Cubs, a much-maligned franchise over the course of the past century, unable to win that coveted World Series championship since the inception of 'the curse'.

Blog Photo - A Cubs Player Receives World Series RingBut because Schierholtz was on the Giants for a good part of the 2012 season, he receives a championship ring for his sacrifice while donning a Chicago Cubs jersey, making for an awkward dynamic with his teammates who have been hearing it from the Cubs faithful for their lack of consistency over the years. 

Nate has always been known for his cannon left arm from right field and rest-assured his presence in the outfield will help the Cubs defensively.  However, his offense has always been hot and cold - a risky play in the lineup but he has the ability to break through at a moments notice. 

Nate will always be a fan-favorite in San Francisco, whether or not he is wearing a Giants uniform as his nickname, Nate the Great will definitely be ringing throughout AT&T park upon his return to the bay area in an opponents jersey.

But a Cubs player will receive a World Series ring. Schierholtz now has two of those. His teammates? Not as lucky.
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