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6/8/08 in HS Baseball   |   SOS   |   respect

Top of the 2nd 1 man on and 2 out, with the #9 batter up. 4 pitches later tmo men on 2 outs.and a 17 year old who hit a powerful 625 is at the bat. I do not think about my rules that if i have a force out I am in good shape. I do not think that I am going to make him show me what he can do. I do not think let the players play . Instead I become intimadated and intentionally walk him.The next Batter who I feel will not handle the pressure gets hit by a pitch and we trail 2-1.The next batter is the # 3 hitter who drives in 2 runs and we are down 4-1..                    


We score 1 in the bottom of the inning for a 4-2 deficit and then the fall out from my coaching error starts to show it's ugly head The desire that these kid's are driven by is lost and replaced with I am fearfull of saying what is happening.I have cqused this incident by 1 mistake that has had and has deserved several repreussions.             


I decided without thinking  as I have stated I took the ball away and did not let players play.which brought about a small diaaster. I shall heavily weigh all decisions and shall prove myself to these ballplayer's. After the game I told them I overcoached. And I put them in positions they should not have been in. Wednesday night cannot come soon enough for it is our next game and we find  out if we Me and them blow smoke or spit fire.

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6/10/08   |   bonbonhi

Aww Bob we all do over-coach sometimes. I've done it too with girls basketball. It will be ok now that you realize what happened.  Good luck Wed!!!

6/9/08   |   TerikaHarifa   |   9 respect

hey- I like that!!  "blow smoke or spit fire" 

I'd never heard that before and will give you credit for it. 

6/9/08   |   RunningDawg   |   248 respect

Hey Bob, you are all right.  Easy to get caught up in the stats and who is a power hitter.  Next time instead of intentionally walking him tell the pitcher to be extra careful not to give him anything good, that way if he gives up a walk so waht, and maybe the hitter will chase something.


As for Wednesday, I bet the kids have forgotten and moved on.  But just to make sure before the game promise them you won't over think the situation and let them have fun and play the game the way you have taught them.