A Gory Reunion

2/27/13 in WWE   |   kjbriden   |   19 respect

        Although billed as a fight between Paul Heyman and an injured Vince McMahon, Monday February 25th marked the return of the WWE’s two biggest superstars: Brock Lesnar, and Triple H. 
        McMahon, fresh from hip replacement surgery, took several hits from Paul Heyman, who used McMahon’s own crutches against him.  However, as the tides turned and McMahon began attacking Heyman, he was interrupted by Lesnar.  Lesnar has been making scattered appearances since January 28th, when his presence prevented his promoter, Heyman, from being fired.  During this appearance, he attacked McMahon with his F-5 finisher.
        Before Lesnar could lay his hands on him again, he was interrupted by Triple H’s entrance theme, allowing McMahon to get away.  Triple H stepped in to protect his father-in-law, and to settle his own score with Lesnar.  Last summer, the two superstars battled it out at SummerSlam after Lesnar broke Triple H’s arm.
        Brawling outside the ring, Triple H threw Lesnar into the ring post, causing Lesnar’s head to split open and allowing blood to pour out of the wound and all over the ground, the ring, and both superstars.  Both wrestlers carried on, however, and Lesnar threw Triple H onto the announce table before tossing him into the ring and attempting to hit him with a metal folding chair.  Triple H, instead, retaliated with a backbreaker and then the metal chair.
        WWE later posted photos of Lesnar getting treated by medical staff and receiving 18 staples in his head.
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