A Liverpool misfit or a West Ham favorite – Andy Carroll

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Blog Photo - A Liverpool misfit or a West Ham favorite – Andy Carroll
On-loan Liverpool striker Andy Carroll has impressed critics, in spite of a couple of injury problems, since moving into West Ham United. The Upton Park boss Sam Allardyce has been eager on finding a way to keep Andy Carroll at West Ham United permanently, but it appears as if he has finally given up that thought.
In a recent interview, Sam Allardyce admitted it would be impossible for West Ham United to sign in Andy Carroll since the club cannot afford the Englishman’s high salary. Andy Carroll has not been a regular in Sam Allardyce’s squad, but the 24-year-old has grabbed 20 caps and scored six goals.
Andy Carroll has already made it clear that he would be happy with a permanent switch. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has confirmed that his plans don’t include Andy Carroll, therefore the Englishman is free to make his own decisions. Luckily, Andy Carroll’s contract with Liverpool ends this summer, which means Andy Carroll will become a free agent.
Sam Allardyce explained that the Financial Fair Play rules will come into action next season, which means West Ham United will be forced to make wage restrictions. Hence, a deal between Andy Carroll and West Ham United seems quite unlikely.
“The hardest thing is the overall package and making sure it is sustainable,” Sam Allardyce said. “I point to financial restrictions being implemented next season that will blow the whole deal in one go.
“Someone will have a bigger budget than us probably but this is what is going to happen. In one fell swoop the financial restrictions mean we won't be able to sign Andy Carroll from Liverpool because it is too expensive, even if we wanted him, which we do.
“Somebody will have a bigger budget than us somewhere, but I tell you that is what's going to happen, I might not be able to afford Andy Carroll, full stop, even if I wanted him, even if the chairmen wanted him, even if we all wanted him, which we do, it will not be allowed to happen.”
Sam Allardyce further explained that the new regulations set by the Financial Fair Play rules will not have a big impact in leveling the playing field in the Premier League immediately. However, gradual progress is expected.
“I suppose across the board when you first introduce something new the fair/unfair scenario has to get sorted out somewhere along the line to find out how you have to tweak it to make it better,” Sam Allardyce continued.
“But if we want Andy Carroll, or any player, and you look at the whole thing, you are going to have to move very quickly now because your budget is going to say that [figure] and you are not allowed to go over that apparently, and because you are not allowed to go over that, you have to say [to the player] 'sorry and off you go', so then it is very difficult to improve your side from last season.”
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