A Night With Norv... A 1 scene play

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A Night With Norv...

(Fade in to Norv Turner in a locker room…)

Norv: We were winning! We were WINNING! What happened?

(Enter Tony Romo): Coffee is for closers!

(Jerry Jones appears, snatches Romo’s coffee mug out of his hand and then vanishes)

Romo: What?

(Enter unnamed replacement referee) Replacement Referee: (Stretches arms) Can’t blame this one on us, Coach Turner, it’s all you!

(Norv Turner glances down at his smartphone as it’s buzzing) Norv: I have a thousand messages…all from fantasy owners who started Denver D/ST tonight…and they are thanking me profusely. Frak, what a night.

Romo: Could be worse, let’s go watch “Broke”.

Norv: Sounds good!

(Exit Turner and Romo. Fade out. Irony intervenes first with a Peyton Manning Papa John’s commercial, laughs wickedly then fades out for real.)

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