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A Small fish in a Big Pond..

3/1/09 in Locker Room   |   keebs8   |   1701 respect

       As I am sitting here on my laptop as I do on a daily basis I am pondering the question, am I just a small fish in a big pond? Of course I am used to being the "little" guy or small fish as I refered to it, standing at only 5ft  5", it was a given to face bigger challenges and bigger competitors, did I ever let it keep me down? Never, as one of the famous saying goes and yes all "small" fish know it, its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog.  In this particular situation, that saying doesn't apply.  I sit here, opinionated as I always am and it's not the size of either dog's in the fight that's buggin me, its the fairness of the referee's. Have you ever felt that, maybe your not a good enough fish to even get the bait thrown your way?   If so, then sweet, if not, then hey thats fine to, but as I always like to say, if someone or something is continously farting, its always going to stink, plain and simple. Do I think favortism play's a roll in life, your darn tooting it does.. So as I ask myself, what can a small fish like myself and maybe some of my other Fishy's that may feel the same way do about it ?  The answer to that question, I don't know.. Maybe you do...
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3/3/09   |   Beaneaters   |   17802 respect

Keebs, buy a gun, it always levels the playing field. I have to admit, if I am somewhere and a guy 5 foot tall and a guy 7 foot tall are waving around .357s, both have my attention. Unless Mooser is with me, then it is on. I am close to 6'3", it isn't all that it is cracked up to be. I am constantly bumping my head against something, ducking here, ducking there. Everyone is always looking around you, like you are a friggin' tree, you are always in the back of all the lines when lining up by height. Always the guy in the back when pictures are taken. It not like a small fish in a big pond, it's more like a fish outta water. I feel you , bro... peace out...

3/1/09   |   MagicPatrick   |   4 respect

Like, the analogy of a Salmon's struggle to lay some eggs perhaps?

Sometimes it's much easier to slip through the rocks than needing to swim around.
It's to pick a cause and not ever let up, no matter how big or small.

3/1/09   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

I am not going to get philosophical, but Partiality will constantly remain!