A Week for the Pitchers

Feeling Down? Look to the Hill

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The drags and downers of Mondays have long been documented, noted and put in commercials and movies more times than Kevin Bacon and Sammy Jackson, combined - I don't have my numbers in front of me, but that has to be close to a million. The foamy relics of Sunday still bounce and stew inside the domes of many a weekend warrior, making the day almost move backwards. How can I impress Dotty with my knowledge of the unassisted double play when I haven't left this restroom in over an hour? It has happened to us all. The fountains of sports trivia and knowledge we wished to share around the donut feast , purchased by the so-called boss, is quickly replaced with fountains of Coors, Doritos and whatever that layer thing was with the cheese on it.  Mondays!

But, before you sneak out the side-exit for a power nap in the parking lot, remember this: There is hope. Had The Bangles been blessed with the interesting stories from the MLB like tonight's and mid-week's, and they all looked like the lead singer, the song may have been called "Awesome Monday."  

Attention costs nothing. So pay it to these three spectacles!

1.) Jamie Moyer - I know this festers in the "contradicting category," based on what I have said about Moyer in past writings, but this is different. This is history. When Moyer takes to the mound tonight in Miami it will be his 50th different ballpark where he has performed this task. That is more than any other pitcher, EVER! Any baseball fan will admit to the absolute amazing adventure it would be to pack up an R.V and visit every ballpark in America. The stories you would be able to tell, the memories you would have. Now, imagine if you were able to park that R.V on the mound for every game, and even get out and thrown a few innings. Then, what stories you would be able to tell? Jamie Moyer may be old, but he is still doing it better than most half his age, and tonight he will pencil in another line of history. Nothing too extraordinary, but a an interesting twist in the R.V dream that has to make even Ozzie smile. "Don't you go fallin in love with it now, cause we're takin it with us when we leave her next month." (See Christmas Vacation, AGAIN)
April 24, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Colorado Rockies starting pitcher Jamie Moyer (50) pitches against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the second inning at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

2.) Darvish vs. Hernandez - While history is being constructed in South Beach by the older folk, the youngsters of the new generations will be doing their thing in Seattle. Yu Darvish has analysts, fans and experts across the globe spraining their ankles - The bandwagon is almost filled, maybe room for one or two tubas, and that's it. At 6-1 and an E.R.A south of three, Darvish continues to control hitters with power and finesse. His opponent, King Felix, is coming off a terrible start against the Indians and is straining his eyes looking for run support. It is difficult to count a Cy Young Award winner as the underdog, but this match up has Darvish favored. Regardless, it will be a "pitchers duel" worth watching. Hit the record button if you can't stay up. 
May 18, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Texas Rangers starting pitcher Yu Darvish (11) leaves the field after a game against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park. The Rangers defeated the Astros 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

3.) Hamels vs. Harper - This will be the mid-week medicine people discovered two weeks ago. Wednesday night will have the Phillies taking on the Nationals on ESPN2. A national stage for the dramatic action thriller known as, "Hamels v. Harper II - The rematch!" Don King wishes he had a piece of this action. It will be like the day after a fight in middle school where the two opponents have to sit next to each other in homeroom. What will happen? How will they react? If he drops his pencil, will the other guy pick it up? Will they start fighting, again? What if the teacher comes in? The same guilty excitement will be swarming the ballpark, before, after and during. All eyes will be on the first pitch that leaves Hamels hand, as it rotates towards Harper, or the plate. What will happen? With all the fighters getting caught with steroids, this may be the only boxing we get to see for awhile. Put up your dukes, gang. Michael Buffer has announcement to make!
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