A few thoughts on UFC on Fox 6

Total domination at UFC on Fox 6

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UFC on Fox 6 was full of one-sided fights that most thought would be more competitive.

Glover Teixiera was just quicker than Rampage and controlled the fight. It seems Rampage doesn’t fight his fight anymore and allows the opponent to dictate, which has him more on the defensive. As long as you keep your distance from Jackson you can beat him on the scorecards. Just avoid the big shot and you will pick up a decision victory.

Jan 26, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA;  Rampage Jackson (black shorts) fights against Glover Teixeira (black and white shorts) during UFC on FOX 6 at the United Center.  Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY SportsI’m still not sure how good Teixeira is. I don’t read too much into his 18-fight win streak considering he did spend a great deal of time in smaller circuits beating lesser opponents. I do look forward to seeing him fight again, but I still think he stands behind a few people when it comes to a title shot. First we have to wait for Chael Sonnen’s 15 minutes to be up.

Most people are ready to say Rampage Jackson should retire now, considering he’s lost 4 of his last 6 fights. The thing is, he’s only been finished in one of those fights and that was by the champion of the division, Jon Jones. Clearly Quinton Jackson has lost a step now at the age of 34. However, until a fighter gets knocked out or submitted multiple times, shouldn’t that fighter be given a chance to evolve?

The problem with Jackson appears to be his desire and lack of passion he once had. For all those who only started watching MMA in the last 5 years, Rampage Jackson was a monster at one time back in Pride. Vicious slams and crazy knockout power was his forte. You did get to see some of that at the start of his UFC career when he essentially ended the career of UFC legend Chuck Liddell, and then again when he dropped Wanderlei Silva.

Jackson was also one of the best in the business at takedown defense. I recall a fight he had in Pride against former UFC Heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman. Randleman, a world class wrestler, could NOT take Rampage down, and tried numerous times throughout the fight. It was rather amazing to see. Skills erode as fighters get older, but at only 34, something else is missing from Jackson.

A lot of people say the fire that burned inside him and the reason he was given the moniker “rampage” left him after finding religion and being born again. He went from being Rampage to just Quinton Jackson. And I’m not saying finding god is a bad thing, it just appeared to calm him to the point where his moniker became nothing more than a memory of what he once was.

Who are we to say he should hang it up? The man needs to make a living and still is more than capable of competing against the best in the world. I do feel unless he makes a change to his style or goes back to wrestling, his days of beating top-tier fighters in the light heavyweight division are over. He could possibly revive his career against lesser talent in Bellator. Only King Mo Lawal stands in his way there, and that could be a huge marquee fight for that company should Jackson opt to sign there.

People are discussing the point that wasn’t deducted from Demitrius Johnson in his Jan 26, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Demetrious Johnson (left) celebrates after defeating John Dodson (not pictured) during UFC on FOX 6 for the world flyweight championship at the United Center.  Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sportstitle fight against John Dodson. Johnson kneed Dodson in the head while Dodson had one hand on the canvas, deeming the knee illegal. Referee John McCarthy opted not to deduct for a point for the knee. I love Joe Rogan for challenging rules during the broadcast. It really is an awful rule, as is knees to the head of a downed opponent. All these rules didn’t exist in Pride. State athletic commissions need to be properly educated so these rules can be adjusted.

As Rogan has pointed out many times, elbows to the head can inflict as much damage, if not more than knees. Think of how many times a fight is stopped due to a cut from an elbow. I’m not saying knees to the head are safe, but why should you be able to knee an opponent in the head while in the clinch, but not do just because he is on his knees? Now I don’t think soccer style kicks to the head should be allowed as was in Pride. Those are just on a different level of brutality.

I still don’t know how two judges scored the fight 48-47. What were they watching? Johnson won all but the second round, which in my opinion renders the entire point deduction debate moot.

Anthony Pettis is still improving and that’s a scary thought. That vintage Bas Rutten liver kick is something you rarely see anymore. I’m sure Bas was proud. Donald Cerrone is tough as nails, so him getting beat like that shocked a lot of people. Cerrone is 28-0 as a kickboxer, so it was surprising to see him get beat with a kick.

Jan 26, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA;  An official calls off the fight between Anthony Pettis (black shorts) and Donald Cerrone (bottom) during UFC on FOX 6 at the United Center.  Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY SportsPettis wants a title shot, but now the division is even more competitive with the addition of Gilbert Melendez, who is likely to fight lightweight champion Benson Henderson for the title at UFC on Fox 7 in April. Then you have former Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in court trying to escape from his contract to join the UFC. It seems like Pettis may wait a little longer, which is unfortunate, because we all would love to see him get a shot at Henderson considering he did beat him in the WEC.

Politics will always supersede logic. I say make those guys wait and give Pettis the shot now. In fact, have Melendez fight Alvarez with the winner getting the winner of a Pettis/Henderson fight. Oh wait, but then you have the Rodney Dangerfield of the division, Gray Maynard, who still has only 1 loss, asking where’s his shot. That is by far the best division in the company. Lots of great fights ahead.


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