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4/15/09 in Fishing   |   snowwhite200871   |   respect

 As you probably can tell by the smiley I dont like to write blogs. I will write a little something though. I will start by saying I have changed my hair color for the summer to blonde. I only done it to see what it would look like. I just wanted something different to shake things up in my life. I am usually doing things for others. Like since i was 16 I have been raising my two girls. They are are grown up now married and have children of their own. Now I have a little time to try and do somethin for myself. Working outside the home and taking care of the home still dont leave much time. Life is to short not to make the best out of everything though. I like to camp, fish, hike, swim, and work out and lots more. My most favorite is I like spending time with the family and friends. well if you want to know anymore just ask me. If you would like me as a friend add me.
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