A look ahead at what is to come for the New York Giants

Just how bad will things get for the 2013 New York Giants?

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Oct 6, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA;  New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin during the second half against the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium. Philadelphia Eagles defeat the New York Giants 36-21. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY SportsThere isn't a New York Giants fan out there who, at the start of the season, wouldn't have signed up for every other team in the division being under .500 after the first weekend of October. Of course, none of those individuals could have, in August, imagined that New York would today be the worst professional football team in New York, the NFC and maybe on the planet. Yes, not so Big Blue is terrible, nothing short of dumpster fire awful. The question now has to be asked:

Just how bad are things going to get before the season comes to a merciful end?

Week 6: Giants at Chicago Bears

Don't let back to back losses to the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints fool you. Chicago is a good team. Besides, now really isn't the best time for New York to be playing a Thursday night contest.

Week 7: Giants vs. Minnesota Vikings

This game gives many a New York fan flashbacks of previous losses to the Vikes. The Giants are allowing126 rushing yards per game, and Minnesota has a pretty good running back. Perhaps you've heard of him.

Week 8: Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

If there's one thing we learned this past weekend, it's that the Giants can't beat the Eagles regardless of who is playing QB for Philly. The thing with this rivalry is that it is not uncommon for the road team to silence the home crowd and pick up a result. This could be New York's first win of the season. That's a depressing thought.

Week 9: Bye

Week 10: Giants vs. Oakland Raiders

As a Giants fan, I feel alright about this one. Oakland isn't that good when not playing at home, and I'm not all that confident in Terrelle Pryor being healthy come the middle of November.

Week 11: Giants vs. Green Bay Packers

There isn't a single part of me that believes that the Giants can beat the Packers. Not at MetLife Stadium. Not in November. Not in 2013. This one could get out of hand and quick.

Week 12: Giants vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Giants absolutely should have defeated the Cowboys on the first Sunday of the campaign. With that said, there is no way of knowing what the mindset of the New York roster will be at that point of the season. Those guys will probably only be playing for pride, something that, if yesterday's game was any indication of what is to come, will mean very little.

Week 13: Giants at Washington Redskins

I find this game to be impossible to read in early October. We have yet to see the best from Robert Griffin III, but I remain convinced that the 'Skins are better than the team's 1-3 record shows. I'm going to think happy thoughts and assume that the Giants split their games with Washington.

Week 14: Giants at San Diego Chargers

The Philip Rivers revival isn't slowing down, and New York is giving up nearly 270 passing yards per game. I need to see some life from the team's defense before I can have an ounce of faith in the G-Men winning at San Diego.

Week 15: Giants vs. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle could be fighting to finish atop the division standings when they play at MetLife Stadium in December. These two teams are in two very different places.

Week 16: Giants at Detroit Lions

A healthy Calvin Johnson could break records against this New York defense. That's not at all an overstatement.

Before the start of the regular season, my most optimistic self saw the Giants finishing at around 10-6. Now, after Week 5, a 6-10 record would have to be considered a positive achievement. 3-13 is unfortunately looking more realistic.

How quickly things change.

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