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A loss for Louisville?!

3/23/09 in NCAABB   |   Thundermanti   |   0 respect

A lot of us predict Louisville going very far or even winning the NCAA. But on the 22nd they played Siena, and almost lost the game! The game started out pretty good, a few 3 point jumpers and a few 2 point jumpers. Both teams did very well until the half. At the half the score was, Louisville winning 42-35 against Siena. It was a good score comparing the teams and there stats this season and rankings. Siena like some predicted would do good and not lose without a strong hard fight against Louisville. They were both very good teams and they both showed it too. But the one who showed how good they were the most was Siena.

Into the second half Louisville was doing really good and Siena was not making anything! At Siena's timeout at 17:13 on the clock Louisville was crushing them 52-40. At that time out i don't know what that coach said to them, but they sure took it to heart! After that timeout they crushed Louisville and came all the way back to 59-54, Louisville winning, but not by much! Louisville was forced to take 3 timeouts at which they were not losing 63-59 at the end of their timeouts. Luckily for most Louisville came back in that game and forced them to a loss 79-72.

This just goes to show you, bad ranked teams, can be much better than they seem. They may not win the game, but they sure do put up a hard fight for a win.

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3/25/09   |   rule_of_ronaldo   |   5 respect

I tell you all one thing, when louisville plays a team that is seeded higher than 4, which they are. They will be completely dominated, they will lose by at least double digits. I dont care is if they were the number 1 overall seed! I think all you fans remeber George mason. Cause you should

3/23/09   |   Debi_L   |   11862 respect

I didn't see the game, but heard it was close.  Thanks for sharing your fan's perspective on the game!  It "reads" like it's one I SHOULD have watched!