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A new Indy WHOO HOO!!!

2/1/08 in Locker Room   |   sports_schmorts   |   3301 respect

Harrison Ford holding a bazooka while Shia rides shotgun? I know it’s only late January, but May 22nd can’t get here fast enough.

Just a few choice quotes from producer Frank Marshall, who says, “This picture is locked. Steven’s pretty much done editing. And we’re going into the phase with John Williams where he starts scoring the movie. He’s really writing now and then we’ll start scoring in February.”

You know that dumb grin, the one where you’re trying really hard not to smile, but you just can’t help it? That’s the one I’m wearing right now. But wait, we’re not done yet.

Marshall also said of the new film: “I would say it’s closest to the third one (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). It’s all adults. I mean, you have the sidekick in Shia (LaBeouf), but you don’t have a Short Round and I think the banter between the characters is as fun as it was in the third movie.”

Another Last Crusade? I think my inner child just did a backflip. Enough teasing, let’s see that trailer already!
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2/1/08   |   shasta   |   25 respect

i love the indy movies but why shia, could they not find a better sidekick?