A round-up of trendy NFL head coach candidates

Is your NFL coach fired? One of these guys will probably replace him

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Blog Photo - A round-up of trendy NFL head coach candidatesIt's a happy day for Eagles, Bears, Browns, Chargers, Cardinals, Chiefs, and Bills fans today -- that awful coach you've been complaining about has finally been fired. So who's going to be your next coach? That's your general manager's decision (unless he has also been fired), but these seven teams are all believed to be fishing in  the same incestuous pool for the exact same candidates.

Jon Gruden's hat is supposedly in the ring. NCAA football coaches' hats are more in the ring than usual because of Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh's respective successes this season. Add to this your typical array of hot-candidate NFL coordinators, and this short list works basically anywhere from Buffalo to San Diego, or in between.

Jon Gruden - "Child's Play 3" may be set in your NFL city, as Jon Gruden is reportedly amenable to taking on his third NFL coaching gig. CBS Sports reports that Gruden is ready to return to the NFL, with Philadelphia and San Diego being spots of particular interest.

Nick Saban - Back in early 2007, Nick Saban broke his NFL contract to take a college job. What could possibly go wrong with offering Saban another NFL contract? It is been reported that the Cleveland Browns will pursue Saban for their head coaching vacancy. Saban is finishing his sixth year at Alabama, which is a very long time for Nick Saban to have lasted anywhere.

Kyle Shanahan - Is there any more nepotistic a line of work than NFL coaching? Does anyone really believe the Son of Shanahan "rose the ranks" to become the Redskins' offensive coordinator? Young Kyle Shanahan is given the credit for Robert Griffin III's success with the Redskins, because it's not as if RGIII was ever successful elsewhere, is it?

Jay Gruden - Did I mention nepotism?

Chip Kelly - The Oregon coach turned down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season, but this season his Oregon Ducks are 11-1 and ranked No. 4 nationally. Your team may not interview him until after Thursday night's Fiesta Bowl, and the Browns and Eagles will reportedly do just that.

Blog Photo - A round-up of trendy NFL head coach candidatesRay Horton - Is the NFL ready for a head coach with cornrows? Because that would just be awesome. Horton is currently Arizona's defensive coordinator, and may step right into their head coaching position.

Mike McCoy - The Broncos offensive coordinator can interview this week, and the Bears have asked permission. McCoy can supposedly make any quarterback look good -- he even once did so with Tim Tebow!

Perry Fewell - The Giants defensive coordinator and perpetual head coach bridesmaid had his unit ranked 30th in the NFL this season. Naturally, that makes him a Buffalo Bills head coach candidate. Fewell was the Bills interim coach for a minute in 2009.

Bill O'Brien - The Penn State head coach took on the most difficult NCAA football rebuilding job imaginable. Would you respect him if he left after just one 8-4 season at Penn State? If so, he comes with a $9 million buyout -- but O'Brien's legal people say he has a loophole around this, because Penn State reportedly misinformed him about the possibility of a bowl ban.
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Seeing as Oregon is in the line of fire of the NCAA, I have a feeling Chip Kelly knows the hammer is about to be dropped so he's going to high tail it out of Eugene after tonight's Fiesta Bowl