ACC cracks down on six NRL clubs on charges of doping and corruption

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Blog Photo - ACC cracks down on six NRL clubs on charges of doping and corruption
Unlike the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) has opted for a more delicate approach for drug abuse problem in the National Rugby League (NRL).
Following the ACC report, which linked six NRL clubs with sports doping and corruption, the ASADA has decided not to announce the names of the clubs and the details of the investigation.
The report published by ACC claims Manly, Cronulla, Penrith, Canberra, North Queensland and Newcastle are heavily involved in sports doping and corruption. Yesterday, the ASADA issued statement confirming meetings with club officials from each of clubs linked to this fiasco.
The ASADA also announced that none of clubs will be informed about why the nature of their investigation. The ASADA also asked each club not to make any public statements on this topic and refuse to answer any questions on the ongoing investigation.
“This briefing will not name players, but rather describe to clubs the investigation process ASADA will follow,” the statement from ASADA read.
“ASADA is unable to talk or speculate about sports or individuals during an investigation or results management process.
“This ensures the integrity of the investigation and the privacy of any individual under investigation is protected.”
The chief executive of the Australian Rugby League Commission, David Smith was unable to provide a date for the results of this investigation or the details of the ongoing investigation.
It Newcastle Knights coach Wayne Bennett who came up with a few details about the investigation. Wayne Bennett claims the Newcastle Knights should come out clean after this investigation although he has no idea about what the ASADA and ACC is investigating them over.
Wayne Bennett revealed that the ACC and ASADA plan on making their investigation very thorough which is why each club was being investigated as far back as 2005.
“Whatever they're looking for, it hasn't happened in the past 18 months. So after that I've got no idea,” Wayne Bennett said.
“The information we're getting when they arrived here last week looking for records ... they were certainly talking about other years as far back as 2005 perhaps.
“We've just got no idea. We've complied with everything they've asked for and we'll continue to do that. We've got nothing to hide, not since I've been here anyway.”
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