AHL goalie Drew MacIntyre makes incredible save

Was this a great save? Or just a great catch?

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I don't often watch minor league hockey, but when I do, it's highlights like this:

Drew MacIntyre of the Toronto Marlies pulled off this wizardry, going behind his back with the glove hand to somehow snag the puck right out of the air.

Blog Photo - AHL goalie Drew MacIntyre makes incredible save

This was an amazing save, for sure. But can we really call it a save? Or should it merely be called a catch?

If you slow down the video, it's pretty clear that the puck wasn't actually going to go in the net anyway. It would have passed right through the crease and gone clear out the other side. The flight of the puck wasn't actually heading towards the net, it was merely passing through.

So that really doesn't make it a great save, does it? I mean... if MacIntyre had let it go, it would have accomplished the same purpose.

Great save? Maybe. That's what great blogs like Puck Daddy and The Big Lead are saying. And I get it. I really do. But I prefer to call it a great catch.

In fact, by attempting the "save," MacIntyre actually made it more likely that the puck would go in. Had he ignored it completely, it would have flown harmlessly past the net. The biggest risk at that point would be a one-timer or a deflection from another player.

The other possibility is that if MacIntyre didn't catch it and just deflected it, it would have certainly gone in the net. That would have been quite the snafu.

What do you think? Is this a great save?
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4/29/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

great save and a great catch, hehe.