AJ Allmendinger requests "B" Sample Testing

The Dinger "stunned" by positive result, requests "B" sample testing

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Blog Photo - AJ Allmendinger requests "B" Sample TestingAJ Allmendinger was reportedly stunned by the positive result for a banned substance.  

Monday, he requested testing of his "B" sample.  He has offered no explanation for the positive result, has made no comment, has hired no attorney to represent him.  Instead, his publicity agent, Tara Ragan, has been dealing with the questions from the media.  The Dinger had to formally request testing of his "B" Sample within 72 hours of the announcement.  He did so, in writing, on Monday, and now must wait for the results.

If the sample also returns a positive result, AJ will be suspended from NASCAR racing indefinitely, and will need to complete NASCAR's program for recovery before he may be cleared to drive again.  That program includes counseling, therapy and further testing.

One thing is for certain, the results of this B testing could change AJ's life forever.

Jeremy Mayfield tested positive back in 2009 and instead of accepting his behavior and completing the program, he filed a lawsuit against NASCAR.  That lawsuit was finally dismissed last year by Supreme Court.  Mayfield has since slid into ruin, being charged with theft, possession of stolen property and drugs.  His racing career, once promising, is now over.

Dale Earnhardt Jr has long been friends with the Hmiel family.  Steve Hmiel was his spotter, and Steve's son, Shane, was one of Dale Jr's closest friends.  But Shane made a huge mistake and got involved in drugs, resulting in a positive result and suspension from the sport.  Shane completed his recovery, though, and was making his way back to the higher ranks of racing, having to start back at the bottom to prove himself.  An accident ended that plan, however, and Shane remains partially paralyzed, still receiving major therapy to improve his life.

Is anyone surprised at the Allmendinger results? Or are you shocked?  I've seen both sentiments on some of the other social networks.  Is AJ's career over?  Give us your thoughts.
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AJ Allmendinger been suspended indefinitely from NASCAR for violating the sanctioning body’s substance abuse policy.

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Don't have time to publish another article, but infractions from Daytona penalize both Austin Dillon and Tony Stewart, the race winner and both infractions were identical.  The cars were found to have an unapproved unattached air vent hose in the car.  The hose could conceivably improve drag.  Dillon;s cre chief was suspended and fined and the 3 was docked 6 championship points.  Tony was likewise punished, but no suspension.  Tony sits tied in 5th with Kevin Harvick.