AJ Allmendinger tested positive for amphetamine after taking Adderall

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NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger, who was suspended following failing a random drug test stated in an interview on positive that Adderall had been the culprit behind the positive drug test results. But AJ Allmendinger insists that it was the only time he took Adderall, and that too by mistake after being given the pill by a friend as a workout supplement.
Adderall is a prescribed medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, neither does AJ Allmendinger suffer from the disease nor was he prescribed for the drug.
 AJ Allmendinger stated that he was in Kentucky ahead of the Sprint Cup to address “a few sponsor commitments,” when he took the pill, unaware of the included substance that are banned by NASCAR.
“We were out early evening. I hadn’t been sleeping well — all season… I was really tired, had no energy,” AJ Allmendinger identified the reason to why he had taken Adderall.
“He (AJ Allmendinger’s friend) had a couple of his friends with him and I was struggling to even stay awake,” AJ Allmendinger  recalled the incident. “One of his friends said, ‘Oh, I have an energy pill that I take for working out.’”
The 30-old AJ Allmendinger   justified that it was routine for him to take “energy supplements for working out” prescribed by his trainer, thus he didn’t even bother to think about it twice before injesting the pill.
“That was my big mistake,” AJ Allmendinger later acknowledged.
However, AJ Allmendinger   argued that the pill did not suddenly boost his performance, “It just gave me a little more energy.”
Bad luck knocked on his door only two days later when he was asked for a test at Kentucky Speedway. Since the NASCAR has a no-tolerance policy towards drug abuse, AJ Allmendinger was immediately disqualified from the Sprint Cup.
Neither NASCAR, nor the Aegis Labs, the organizations’ exclusive drug-testing team were able to give AJ Allmendinger an answer beyond that his A urine sample had tested positive for amphetamine.
“Honestly, I’m naïve to drugs,” said AJ Allmendinger. “I’ve never taken them. So when they told me I tested positive for amphetamine, I didn’t even know what that was.”
“I asked, ‘Is that bad? Is that a big deal?’”
Still, AJ Allmendinger had not pin-pointed at the pill as the source of the positive drug test. After the NASCAR took a B sample from AJ Allmendinger, it confirmed the presence of amphetamine.
"Then we went through the ‘B’ sample and when it came back positive, they told me it was Adderall or some form of Adderall,” stated AJ Allmendinger.
The drug test results were informative in the sense that AJ Allmendinger could look back at the past month’s events and discovered that the pill he took as an “energy supplement” was in reality “prescription Adderall.”
A NASCAR spokesman confirmed earlier that while the drug test can identify the included substances such as amphetamine, it cannot reveal the brand.
AJ Allmendinger had to register with NASCAR's Road to Recovery Program, from which he was released just last week. AJ Allmendinger hopes to successfully complete the program till late August and contest to be reinstated after he was fired the previous week.
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