A.J. McCarron's Mom Has Some Splainin' To Do

1/7/14 in NCAAF   |   nyjets891   |   36 respect

Before I get into this ... why does Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron's mom Dee Dee have a twitter anyway? What good can come out of it? Anyways ... lets look at what an idiot she is and what she did last night.
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Of course it was deleted in seconds. What was Dee Dee referring to? Why this of course.
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1/8/14   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect

It's racist and ignorant people who take her comments as such. Anyone can have issues speaking. It's sad that people suggested she take it down because she would be deemed a racist. I'm sure there's thousands of white people down south who sound just as bad as Jameis.

1/7/14   |   KattyKarma

Thank you Dee Dee Kent McCarron Bonner McCarron (back to previous married name because NFL) for showing the world your ugly bitterness & disgusting hypocrisy. She may not be racist but she is infamous for attacking people on Twitter who even constructively or professionally critique AJ.

She promotes herself as a charitable soul who loves children yet has never, not once, tried to promote the efforts to find her brother Dustin Kent's niece, Brittney Wood. She vanished without a trace almost two years ago from his neighborhood even before he was arrested the first time.

Dee Dee knew Brittney and has never even so much as sent a RT about her. Nor has she spoken out against her brother's multiple charges of r@pe & incest of multiple children under 12 (large family pedo ring). She has never distanced herself from her parents who housed him & are likely the "mysterious" benefactor paying for his very expensive private attorney... unless the longterm coverup goes into even deeper pockets.

A note to Dee Dee - your brother goes back to court again in Baldwin County on Friday for the five of his numerous indictments, correct? Hope that karma bus keeps on rolling through the charges in Mobile County!

I also hope you find some of that integrity you always preach about and finally try to do some good for the child victims in your own family.  MPD, MCSO & KlaasKIDS are still looking for Brittney's body in Dustin's old neighborhood - your dad still owns the trailer, right? Maybe you can use that as an opportunity. 

1/7/14   |   bteroc

Why are we even talking about McCarron's overrated Cup cake faced girl and his mother? So what If she won Mrs. Alabama the only criteria is that all of the contestants has to have at least 10 teeth. If she is quote on quote so beautiful than why does she wear 30 pounds of make up? The last time I checked beauty comes from being natural, and it is not carried in a max factor make up bag. They should be more concerned about the speech that McCarron didn't make, because Oklahoma's Eric Striker made sure that he went out the loser that he really is. I am going to enjoy watching him bouncing around from team to team in the CFL and AFL. Then we will see how much cup cake face really loves him.

1/7/14   |   Jess   |   35103 respect

Her tweet actually reminded me of that part in A League of Their Own when Tom Hanks comes in and screams some unintelligible nonsense to the girls, and one of them says "was that English?"...yea, so I'm not sure we should assume she's being racist. I do know that some of the replies to her tweet by others were quite so, however, making it look worse than it originally was. 

1/7/14   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

I don't think it was that stupid.
Rude? Sure.
Salty? Absolutely.
Immature? Yup.

Stupid? Nah… she had a point. Winston didn't articulate himself very well at all, and that's something he should work on if he wants to be a professional quarterback.

And there are a lot of people accusing her of racism for this tweet, and even going so far as to call Katherine Webb a racist for "favoriting" this tweet. That's ridiculous, and needs to stop.