ANALYSIS: Just how ugly were those NBA Draft hats?

What was the deal with those ridiculous looking NBA Draft caps?

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Blog Photo - ANALYSIS: Just how ugly were those NBA Draft hats?Draft pundits and NBA know-it-alls are busy handing out NBA Draft grades today on sports sites all over the world wide web. The most resounding F-minus-minus grade should to Adidas for designing those disastrously awkward-looking NBA Draft caps.

You know the ball caps I'm talking about, because your favorite team's draft pick put one on last night. Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist are wearing them to the right. They're basically normal ball caps, except for the uncurved bill that seems to stick up at a 45-degree angle like some toothless Western movie sidekick.

Do the kids today actually take the bill of their ball cap and bend it up at a 45-degree angle? If so, this is going to be the most despicable fashion trend since drawers of pants sagging halfway down one's rear end.

Blog Photo - ANALYSIS: Just how ugly were those NBA Draft hats?Sure, any guy is going to look awkward in a $3000 Hugo Boss suit with a $27 baseball cap on his head. The way the bills of those caps stuck up, though, you half-expected those draft picks to start babbling in authentic frontier gibberish from "Blazing Saddles".

Adidas is the party responsible for those hats. Adidas makes some pretty nice athletic apparel, but those hats made last night look less like the NBA Draft and more like tryouts to play Sancho in "Man of La Mancha".

For a full rundown of just how bad each player looked in his respective draft hat, check out the NBA Draft Hats tumblr.
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