AVB believes Gareth Bale can become the new Cristiano Ronaldo

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Blog Photo - AVB believes Gareth Bale can become the new Cristiano Ronaldo
Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas believes Gareth Bale can replicate the success Cristiano Ronaldo has enjoyed over the years playing as a forward. Andre Villas-Boas reckons if Gareth Bale adopts more of an attacking role, the 23-year-old would enter the elite levels at an early age.
Gareth Bale recently spoke about how he admired Cristiano Ronaldo. The attacking midfielder continued with his prolific goal-scoring rate with a goal for Wales in a 2-1 victory over Austria on Wednesday. Gareth Bale has now scored 17 goals for club and country 32 appearances since the beginning of the season.
“Both of them are extremely technical players and extremely powerful and pacy,” Andre Villas-Boas said comparing Gareth Bale to Cristiano Ronaldo. “Obviously it is funny to see how in some ways both players compared growing up as a striker and move to wingers.
“Gareth started at left-back and moved to a winger position, now going to a more advanced role, and Ronaldo also able to play that rule up front.
“Obviously Ronaldo is now 28, has gone and achieved so much in his career. He is an example to what Gareth wants to achieve in his career too. Yes, you can see some similarities in between the positions.”
Andre Villas-Boas will feature Gareth Bale as Tottenham Hotspur’s lone striker against Newcastle United this weekend due to the absence of Jermain Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor. This means Andre Villas-Boas will finally have the chance to test Gareth Bale on whether he can perform in Cristiano Ronaldo’s position.
“I think when we played him in preseason up front we played him alone,” Andre Villas-Boas said. “I think playing up front with somebody else can help his game too in terms of space that the other can create and then link up play.
“I think Gareth is such a phenomenal player that he is able to do that kind of role. He has been scoring a crazy amount of goals coming in from the right wing or through the middle, rather than from the left or assisting from the left, so it means a player can explore his full potential through the middle.
“After the Norwich game [which Spurs drew 1-1 thanks to a Bale goal], our test came from the change at half-time where we played him from the left and then put him up front with Defoe. After that, we decided to try it in the game against West Brom and it worked fine.
“I think the most important thing is to get the players feeling well about what they do for the team. And I think Gareth feels well in that position. If he's able to fulfil his full potential it's something we have to consider for the future. We know that he has grown out on the left. On the left he becomes a different type of player. I'm not sure if it limits his full potential.
“In the way we play we give him the freedom to change positions anyway. It's something that at least is having a positive impact on him.”
Real Madrid have been after Gareth Bale for over two seasons now. The La Liga champions plan on featuring Gareth Bale alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in their first-team. It is still not clear whether that combination would work, but it surely looks as if it would create nightmares for defenders. 
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