AVB wants Real Madrid to come up with a quick offer for Spurs star Luka Modric

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Blog Photo - AVB wants Real Madrid to come up with a quick offer for Spurs star Luka Modric
Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas admits the increasing likelihood of Luka Modric moving to Real Madrid. Nonetheless, the former Chelsea manager has vowed to keep his men from being distracted by Luka Modric’s transfer saga.
Andre Villas-Boas also believes that his side is capable of recording good form in the absence of Luka Modric. Andre Villas-Boas, who is in the midst of preparations for the new season, wants his men to believe in their abilities and hope for the best.
Luka Modric has been crucial to Tottenham Hotspur’s success over the past couple of years. The 26-year-old Croatia international has already expressed his desire to leave the club. He has even refused to attend the preseason training sessions with his team.
Recent reports suggest Real Madrid have placed a £23.6 million bid on the table. The La Liga champions are also willing to offer and additional amount of £3.9 million as add-ons.
Nevertheless, Tottenham Hotspur are still adamant about selling Luka Modric for £35 million. Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho is unwilling to pay such an amount for Luka Modric. Nonetheless, Real Madrid will have to up their bid for Luka Modric in the upcoming days. An increment in Real Madrid’s offer is expected before the end of the weekend.
 Luka Modric has been attracting transfer interest for the past two seasons. Top notch clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain have placed bids on the young midfielder, but Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has turned down all bids with a label of demeaning offers.
Andre Villas-Boas leads his men for the first in an English Premier League game on Saturday. Tottenham Hotspur will be playing against their rivals from last season Newcastle United. In spite of all the transfer speculation Andre Villas-Boas believes there is no lack of concentration and his men are confident about recording good results. 
“No, this is not a distraction,” Andre Villas-Boas said. “We set out a plan for the player and we have stuck to it. The player is training individually and he doesn't disrupt our environment.
“I think we will have a conclusion [to the transfer situation] in the next couple of weeks. He is still a Tottenham player but, from what the chairman has told me, talks are ongoing. They stalled a little bit two weeks ago, but they have picked up recently.”
Nevertheless, Andre Villas-Boas wants Luka Modric’s transfer saga to end as soon as possible.
“Obviously we have outlined a couple of solutions [for a Luka Modric replacement],” Andre Villas-Boas said. “We have made initial contact with a couple of clubs but I think, before this situation is resolved, we can't do anything because we already have a certain amount of players in that position.”
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