Aaron Hernandez charged with murder

Recently released Aaron Hernandez charged with murder

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When tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested Wednesday morning, the thought was that he would be charged with obstruction of justice as a result of his role in the investigation of the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez reportedly erased video footage from his home surveillance system, and smashed his cell phone before turning it over to the police.
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Hernandez, however, is being blamed for much more than getting in the way of an investigation. It was reported on Tuesday afternoon that Hernandez is being charged with murder, as well as five additional gun charges. It appears that the persecution believes that Hernandez was the man who actually pulled the trigger on the victim, Lloyd. Hernandez has expectedly pled not guilty to the charges.

There is some evidence that will be tough for Hernandez to fight, such as a video of him walking through his home with a gun shortly after the murder, as well as a video of him saying "you can't trust anyone anymore" before picking up Lloyd earlier on the day of the crime. In addition, there was a shell casing left behind in a car rented by Hernandez.

The trial is a long way from coming to a conclusion, but things are certainly not looking good for Hernandez. The New England Patriots released him on Wednesday morning, and they are now going after the money that they guaranteed him in the seven-year contract he signed in 2012.

At the age of 23, it is very possible that Hernandez has played his last down in the NFL. It's an absolute shame to see players with such great talent constantly find ways to get themselves in their own way. Hernandez was one of the more promising young offensive weapons in the league. You'd think that when people are given such great opportunities for success, they'd manage to stay out of trouble.
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