Aaron Rodgers is approaching Tom Brady’s passing records

Is Aaron Rodgers the new Tom Brady? Or is he even better?

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Aaron Rodgers is on track to break Tom Brady’s record of the most touchdowns in an NFL year but the crown jewel of the Green Bay Packers is more focused on his team’s 2011-12 campaign. Rodgers threw four touchdown passes on Monday night, to assist the Packers in thrashing the Minnesota Vikings 45-7 at Lambeau Field.

Future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady recorded 50 touchdown passes in a year for the New England Patriots. Rodgers on the other hand has already posted 28 on the charts which means he is on pace to level or beat Brady’s worshipped achievement. However, that record is not something that is bothering Rodgers.

While talking to reporters Rodgers claimed that he was more focused on helping the Patriots to a good season rather collecting personal silverware on the way. Rodgers also acknowledged that he was in good form but humbly added his teammates into the praise saying that their form had helped him achieve better.

After the Minnesota game, a reporter asked Rodgers if he was after the single season touchdown record. Rodgers replied with, “Yeah, not really thinking about that, to be honest. Rodgers added, “We’re thinking about winning our division and getting a home playoff game and all of that will take care of itself. I just want to be efficient and consistent and get us in good situations. If we’re doing that and I’m not turning the ball over, we’re going to be in every game.”

Rodgers also stated that he would like the Packers to strengthen their weaknesses. Although the Packers completely annihilated the Vikings, Rodgers wasn’t completely pleased with the Packers play. Rodgers pointed that there were still a couple of weak spots the Packers had to deal with on field.

“We had way too many negative-yardage plays and I think we left some yards out there on the field,” Rodgers said. “But they have a good defense. They did some good things tonight, kind of slowed us down there a little bit in the first half. We’ve got to be a little bit better converting those third downs early on.”

Truth be the told, the mere idea of Rodgers and Co. getting better this year will provoke nightmares in the rest of the NFL.

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What I like about Rodgers is that he is very humble. The guy hates talking about himself. Unlike the Pats, the Packers are a very likeable team too!