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It was a good night to not be involved with anything. I've said it many times before, and it bears repeating again today: Sometimes the best plays are the ones you don't make. I can't tell you what it was that ultimately pulled me out of the Nets game last night. I've often given credit to the little man inside who talks to me from time to time, and maybe that's it. All I know is that it just didn't feel right, and so much of this has to do with feel.



I toil and sweat endlessly over mountains of data every day, but in the end, it's all going to boil down to how I feel about what I see. Call it instinct if you wish. Thankfully, and with years of experience, I think my instincts are pretty doggone good. As proof, whatever it was that kept me off the Nets last night was the same thing that was telling me that Kansas St., Florida and Michigan wouldn't be good moves as favorites either. So, while I may not have expanded The Empire last night, that doesn't mean there wasn't a lot of good stuff to take away from it.



THE NBA (2-3 last night and 9-7 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (3-2 last night and 12-4 so far for the week)




TOTALS (5-0 last night and 13-3 so far for the week)

OVERS - Celtics/RAPTORS (188 1/2), Clippers/MAGIC (188), Bobcats/CAVS (202 1/2), Suns/HORNETS (193) and Warriors/THUNDER (211 1/2)

UNDERS - Pacers/76ERS (182 1/2), Knicks/WIZARDS (191), Grizzlies/HAWKS (181), Rockets/HEAT (208), Nets/PISTONS (189 1/2), Blazers/MAVS (202), Spurs/WOLVES (196) and Bucks/JAZZ (201 1/2)



BUTTA (no play last night and 2-0 so far for the week)

76ERS (-3) over Pacers - You have to love what the Pacers do, but they're really up against a scheduling wall tonight. This will not only be their 3rd game in as many nights, but also their 4th game in 6 nights, and as good as they've been at home, the Pacers have struggled a bit on the road lately. 76ERS 91, Pacers 73




1. Celtics (+3) at RAPTORS - Can't argue with anything the Celts have done since losing Rondo. Admittedly, all the C's success without their key player has come at home, but even though my projection says what it does, I just don't get the feeling that the Dinos will be able to do much to prevent Boston's surge. RAPTORS 96, Celtics 95

2. WIZARDS (+4 1/2) vs. Knicks - The Knicks are fresh off an undefeated homestand and out on the road for the first time in awhile. That could make them ripe for the picking by a feisty Wizards squad. WIZARDS 84, Knicks 79

3. MAGIC (+6) vs. Clippers - It's hard to imagine this game would turn out as a Magic victory, but if you've seen the Clips play on this road trip so far, it's anybody's guess what will happen. MAGIC 100, Clippers 94

4. CAVS (-5 1/2) over Bobcats - This might actually be a pretty good play, but it's not clear cut enough for me to get involved. As I've often said: There's just no percentage when you get involved with 2 struggling teams. CAVS 106, Bobcats 99

5. HAWKS (+1 1/2) vs. Grizzlies - It looks like Memphis is going to struggle for awhile getting used to their new personnel, but there's no way I can bank on the Hawks for anything. HAWKS 99, Grizzlies 82

6. Rockets (+8) at HEAT - The Rocks just go about their business in their own way. They set a record for number of treys made in a single game last night, so maybe things "even out" a bit for them tonight. This is a big number though. Rockets 97, HEAT 93

7. PISTONS (-1 1/2) over Nets - The Nets are the better team in this matchup, but they've been horrible in road closers of a b2b so far this season (1-7). PISTONS 95, Nets 90

8. HORNETS (-6) over Suns - Phoenix stayed with it last night against the Griz and came up with the big plays at the end to win the game, but they're a lot like the Nets. They're very bad when it comes to b2b's at also 1-7 for the season. HORNETS 118, Suns 100

9. THUNDER (-10) over Warriors - The Thunder have revenge for a loss a couple of weeks ago in Oakland, and the Warriors are on the b2b tonight. THUNDER 116, Warriors 102

10. MAVS (-5) over Blazers - Dallas keeps coming with effort even though things haven't always gone their way this season. Being at home should help them here, but I don't want to lay this "squishy" number with them. Maybe after a little further research, I'll find that I like the Mavs on the moneyline, but that will take some more work on my part. MAVS 104, Blazers 95

11. WOLVES (+4 1/2) vs. Spurs - Of all the games tonight, this is the one that makes the least sense of all. I know the Spurs will be without Duncan tonight, but that's never really bothered them before. Spurs 96, WOLVES 94

12. Bucks (+5 1/2) at JAZZ - This is one of those "if/then" situations. The Bucks played the Nugs right down to the wire last night, and the Jazz just aren't as good as Denver. I think that even though the Bucks are on the b2b tonight, they can still hang with Utah. Bucks 99, JAZZ 90



COLLEGE HOOPS (1-6 ATS/4-3 SU/2-5 TOTALS last night and 3-10/9-4/3-10 so far for the week)



BUTTA (0-1 so far for the week)

W. MICHIGAN (-5 1/2, U132 1/2) 70, Kent St. 58 - I only want the side here and not the TOTAL.




1. MICHIGAN ST. (-4 1/2, U131) 68, Minnesota 58

2. WISCONSIN 46, Iowa (+8, U124 1/2) 45

3. OKLAHOMA ST. 70, Baylor (+7 1/2, U137 1/2) 65

4. Kansas 58, TCU (+18 1/2, U116 1/2) 42

5. Cincinnati (-4, U132) 69, PROVIDENCE 60

6. Louisville (-10 1/2, O133 1/2) 70, RUTGERS 55

7. ST. JOHN'S (+1, O132) 70, U Conn 67

8. E. MICHIGAN (+2, O115 1/2) 63, Buffalo 55

9. Bowling Green (-2 1/2, O114) 68, N. ILLINOIS 65

10. Unlv 67, FRESNO ST. (+8, O128) 66

11. Vanderbilt (+6, U126) 62, LSU 55

12. TENNESSEE (-6, O117) 66, Georgia 52

13. ARIZONA (-10, O138) 77, Stanford 67

14. Utah (+6 1/2, U134) 66, OREGON ST. 65



Now that's a busy Hump Day, huh? Have a great day, and I'll see you again tomorrow.

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