According to newest VP candidate autobiography, Sarah Palin and Glen Rice were intimate

Glen Rice Slept with Sarah Palin

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Glen Rice slept with Sarah Palin, according to the newest autobiography covering the former Vice President candidate. In his book “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” author Joe McGinniss describes how Rice, then a national star at Michigan, met a young Sarah Palin when the Wolverines visited Alaska for the annual Great Alaska Shootout tournament. Rice was on his way to becoming Michigan’s career scoring leader, and Palin was a journalist covering the tournament, when the two first connected and engaged in the one night stand. While Sarah Palin has yet to confirm or deny the report, Rice has confirmed that the details of the book are true, The National Inquirer reports. Also, while Michigan would go on to win the 1989 NCAA National Championship, they were bounced early from the Great Alaska Shootout tournament, losing 79-64 to Arizona in the semi-finals.  

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9/16/11   |   Soxfest   |   768 respect

Palin loves fried Rice!

9/16/11   |   jvrsshurricane   |   184 respect

Well at least I know that she don't discriminate.  I really don't see this as that big of deal since neither one was married at the time.  All Rice is really doing is saying, "Hey, I slept with a hot chick who is now famous like me."  Good job Rice, you got a milf.  Why do people care so much about what others do in their personal life?  As long as the person(s) involved aren't screwing you by bad performance on the job then it's not that big of deal.  They are still human like you and me.

9/15/11   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

Sheshould have a running mate with the last name brown...Slogan..."Are You DOwn With the Brown?...I am !"

9/15/11   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

Its nice that Glen shot something in or on her, since she shoots everything else

9/15/11   |   richard_cranium   |   17679 respect

I wonder if the other Tea Party members know that Sarah Palin had sex with an African American male. Guess she is going to have to find a new political party.

9/15/11   |   ironhead_mike   |   9776 respect

If he's anything like most a sizable portion of the pro and/or collegiate players then the list is probably longer than just Palin.

9/15/11   |   alainpeartree   |   6872 respect

Oh want to say someting so unpoilitically correct about this situation

9/15/11   |   JenX63   |   32776 respect

When I saw the headline it made me laugh, not sure I would want the world to know.

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9/15/11   |   phillieschick   |   13 respect

I wonder what Sarah Palin was wearing to the locker room when she got Glen Rice to allegedly sleep with her. In a Brett Favre-esq turn of events, Palin allegedly slept with Rice nine months before her marriage to her husband Todd.

According to Jimmy Kimmel, they probably got along because he could shoot 3-pointers and she “shot everything else.”

At the time Rice was a college star at Michigan. According to the National Enquirer, Rice confirmed the story and called her a sweet heart. I wonder if she showed him Russia from her house? But first, she probably asked for his birth certificate.

I’m pretty sure her most Conservative supporters are NOT happy about this turn of events. Maybe she can pull a page from her protege Christine O'Donnell, and claim she was young and just having fun. I guess Palin just dabbled in her fetish.