Acie Law heads off to Serbia with no return

A signed contract with Serbia guarantees Acie Law no return to US if NBA Lockout ends

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Golden State Warriors point guard Acie Law has signed a one year contract with a Serbian club, according to reports.

Serbian team Partizan have signed the 26-year old on a one-year contract. Partizan are paying Law a hefty sum of $500,000 per month but he will not be able to come back to US, should the NBA season resume.

Law has had a habit of changing franchises readily. Alone in 2010, the player switched 3 franchises, where he started with Chicago Bulls in February before switching to Memphis Grizzlies in August. The Grizzlies also released him a few months later and Law then joined Golden State Warriors before becoming a free agent later.

However, with the current lockout situation, where franchise owners and the players union are in dispute over the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Law has nowhere. The free agency market has also been locked out. With no place for Law to go, he opted to go to Serbia without any out clause. With Law being a free agent, he doesn’t require a permission from FIBA to move abroad.

Although a move to Serbia doesn’t seem very attractive, he’d still be earning his livelihood when his colleagues are virtually out of a job. He would never have been earning close to the amount Partizan is paying him had he been with any NBA franchise. Also, Law has never been a starter for any of the clubs he’s played with and is yet to complete a whole season in the NBA.

Law has however produced some brilliant moments in his career and is commonly known as Captain Clutch, owing to his ability to turn the game on his head in the last minute. Law’s high moment came when heTclinched a three-pointer with the Buzzer beating. That shot led his team to defeat arch rivals Texas Longhorns and fans named him “The Shot” from then onwards.


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