Adam Jones criticizes Dallas Cowboys coaching

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Before the 2010 season, Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was the poster boy of elite NFL players who let their talents go to waste over off-field controversies. However, Adam Jones claims he has come a long way from the “Pacman-Jones” times, and has fitted well into a more disciplined Cincinnati Bengals system. And while Adam Jones may be all-in for shoving that dirt under the carpet, the 29-year-old expressed that Sunday’s game provided a “double-chip” on his shoulder; a bitter reminder of his time in Dallas.
“I don’t have no bad blood over there,” said Adam Jones, “I don’t have nothing personal against them, I just have no love for the Cowboys.”
Adam Jones entered the league on a sixth overall pick by the Tennesse Titans with a lot of hopes associated with him. Although Adam Jones continued developing his raw talents on the field, he was awarded a year’s suspension by the NFL in 2007 for several violations of the league’s personal conduct policy. However, Adam Jones legal woes continued, even after signing with the Dallas Cowboys in the 2008 season, and he was suspended again for assaulting his own security guards while under the influence of alcohol. Adam Jones never hit the field again, after playing just nine games and was released by the Dallas Cowboys during January 2009.
“I was horrible in Dallas, and the coaching was horrible, too. From the top down,” Adam Jones stated critically of the shape he was in back then, while also taking a shot at his former coaches.
During that time, Wade Philips was the Dallas Cowboys head coach and defensive coordinator, while former Dallas Cowboys head coach Dave Campo held the post of defensive backs coach.
Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer just seem to have a better handle over keeping the Pacman-Jones influence at bay as Adam Jones has made a dramatic turnaround with the team over the last two seasons.
“We reinforce the positives, and we get the things we need to get out of their game out of their game so that we have an opportunity to be successful and win,” said Marvin Lewis. “Adam has benefited a great deal from that, but he was longing for that, he needed that…We’re really getting into the inner guy that’s got so much ability and talent.”
Adam Jones has blocked seven passes, while recording 15 tackles and one sack through 12 games (4 starts) this season.
“He kind of had to prove that he wanted to fit in a little bit to me… (Since then,) I haven’t had one issue. He cares about playing good and trying to be a better teammate,” said Mike Zimmerman. “This is probably the best year he’s had since he’s been here. He’s tackling well, disciplined in the things he needs to.”
“The Zimmers, the Marvin Lewises, the guys that keep you grounded, that keep you in shape,” Adam Jones praised the Cincinnati Bengals coaches. “Some guys get comfortable and let your technique lapse. These guys stay on you.”
Despite the apparent hostility towards the Dallas Cowboys coaching, Adam Jones was grateful for the chance Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took on him back in 2007.
"I'm thankful for everything (Jerry Jones) has done for me,” said Adam Jones. "I love Jerry with all my heart…He's done a lot for me. (But) I'm a Bengal, and I would like to stay a Bengal for the rest of my career, but we'll see how that goes."
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