Adam Jones, female accuser ordered by Judge to stay away from each other

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWith some of the murkiness finally setting following last week’s bar incident that resulted in Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones’ arrest on assault charges, a local judge overseeing the case  has determined that there shall be no opportunity for instances of confusion going forward. Both Jones and the woman he is accused of assaulting outside a downtown earlier this month have been ordered by the judge to avoid contact with each other. 
Earlier this week, the judge had ordered only Jones to stay away from the accuser. But his attorney made repeated claims that the stay away order for his client was not appropriate in this case. So in a bout of fair play, the judge implemented a no-contact provision on Friday, barring the female accuser from making contact with Jones as well.
The need for this peculiar motion arises since both Jones and his accuser work at the Paul Brown Stadium. The woman reportedly works in the suites during the Bengals’ games.
While Jones’ attorney maintains that any contact between the two will be “incidental”, the judge believes it’s best if both Jones and his accuser save their words should they cross paths in the hallways or parking garage.
“So they just have to avoid each other and be adults about this, and if they’re passing in the hallway there better not be any words on either side,” said Judge Megan Shanahan.  “But both of them are ordered to stay away from each other it goes both ways equally.”
According to reports, Jones was approached by two women for a photograph outside a bar on June 5th. At some point one of the women threw a beer bottle at Jones. According to the player, he acted in self-defense by slapping the woman, who later pressed assault charges against him.
The woman went to court last week to get a restraining order against Jones claiming she feared retaliation from him. But on Thursday, a judge denied the woman’s request saying, “saying there has not been a pattern of behavior by Jones to justify a restraining order."
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